CTP and digital printing are coming to us

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CTP and digital printing are coming to us

at the beginning of this century, the printing industry is divided into pre press, printing and post press. With the development of new technology and the continuous improvement of user requirements, the steps between pre press and printing are gradually reduced, and the boundary is becoming more and more blurred. The two technologies that can reflect this transformation are direct plate making and digital printing. Network data transmission, digital prepress and printing technology have opened up a new market for printing

digital technology has played a considerable role in the development of printing industry. Driven by it, it has greatly shortened the printing cycle, reduced manual operation, improved product quality and increased the degree of automation. These changes drive printers to provide customers with a full range of services with shorter cycle and lower price

CTP and digital printing are the development trend of the printing industry

if printing companies do not have plans to develop these technologies, they will feel powerless in the future competition. Many large printing companies with strong funds have begun to prepare to use digital technology, first the RD mode, and then gradually expand to various operation fields. Medium sized printing companies need to invest in new technologies in two aspects: capital and technical skills. For these companies, the price of CTP is quite high. They usually consider investing in printing presses first. In terms of technology, printing plants with prepress experience will be easier to master the most front-end technologies, such as CTP, FM and high fidelity color. Small printing companies can invest in CTP system using polyester version, which can use the original laser Phototypesetter and workflow, such as Agfa's selectplate direct plate making system. Different materials need different fixtures. The market strategy suitable for such small printing companies is to produce short version monochrome, spot color and four-color prints

opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies

investment in new technologies, opportunities and challenges coexist. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must understand that and technologies can meet the requirements of users and the market, only as a revolutionary replacement of traditional thermal insulation materials, maintain competitiveness and get the maximum return. The timing of investment also needs to be accurate. Investing too early will make you tired of developing new markets, and investing too late will make you lose your competitiveness; Grasp the right time to do, enjoy the advantages and disadvantages. Once the new technology is invested, how to better play its function is very important. What needs to be done most is to train all relevant departments and personnel. In any case, this training should be extended to all relevant departments, because the digital workflow will inevitably improve the integrity and dependence between departments. In addition to the employees of the production department, the internal management and logistics departments should also understand how the new technology will affect their respective work. The winning salesperson of the company should clearly know that the new technology will bring more benefits to customers and open up new markets. As many customers are very reliable and familiar with the development of printing technology, win-win sales personnel must be able to professionally tell customers how each technology is used

careful deployment is required in the initial stage of the application of new technologies. Customers who understand this new technology and your company can give some operations to try, so that operators can gradually gain experience, so as to fully master the new technology

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