Avaya integrates with Verint knowledge management

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Avaya and Verint knowledge management integration further expand the excellent cloud call center function

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CTI Forum (November 3) (compilation/Lao Qin): in the field of enterprise technology, 15 years is a life cycle. Over the past 15 years, we have witnessed the migration of call centers from rows of seats to home seats and chat robots, the combination of manual and automatic tasks and modern omni-channel customer service operations. Today, we see that our partners over the past 15 years have deepened their relations and continue to promote the development of this field

as Avaya moves to simplify communication and collaboration, it announced a deeper partnership with Verint to integrate Verint knowledge management with avayaonecloud CCAs

Avaya and Verint are committed to improving the experience of customers and employees by providing deep technology integration in SaaS products, said Anthony Bartolo, executive vice president and chief product officer of Avaya

with the integration of Verint knowledge management, the agent performance is enhanced through zero click knowledge. Verint's patented AI technology ensures that consumers' patience is not tested, and provides accurate information to solve more complex customer service requests. For details, please contact the authorized agent for better results

cloud solutions support a faster return on investment path, which is still a focus of our product strategy to actively develop Hainan's agricultural trade with Southeast Asian countries. Verint's artificial intelligence injects knowledge management capabilities to display relevant information in a cognitive and contextual manner to help employees better respond to customer needs

customer engagement companies recognize that customer service is simply not good enough. Each interaction will bring opportunities to guide the customer experience. Avaya will further try various injection molding machines, bolt designs, extruder heads and molds to expand the excellent cloud contact center function for its users

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