Midea brand mother baby bath water purifier qmf167

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Midea brand maternal and infant bath water purifier qmf1679

Midea brand maternal and infant bath water purifier (e-purifier)

professional, convenient and intelligent care for sterilization and cleaning. The following comments are collected from users for their reference.

I. how is the Midea brand maternal and infant bath water purifier (e-purifier) good?

initial use experience: it has been used for almost a month, and only after it is really used will the evaluation be made. First of all, the product is very beautiful. My wife said it looks good in the bathroom. Secondly, there is residual chlorine smell in the precipitated phase and grain size of the alloy before and after heat treatment without optical microscope inspection. I feel that the water is still very soft after bathing, and my hands will not peel after washing for a long time. The water is clean and thorough. Mom said that the product can see the temperature, which is very reassuring. Every time I bathe my baby or wash things by myself, my mother specially uses the water from the purifier product. My mother says the water is clean and comfortable. It can still be used after charging once. The display is clear and the life of the filter element is reminded. Satisfied with every aspect, gave a great compliment

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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II. Configuration parameters of Midea brand maternal and infant bathing water purifier (e-purifier):

Product Name: midea/Midea qmf1679-g1

warranty period: 36 power units: KGF, gf5.7 extended tube length (short tube):500mm N. Kn, LBF months

water purifier brand: midea/Midea

model: qmf1679-g1

classification: water purifier

intelligent type: other

water related approval document approval No.: Yue Wei Shui Zi [2014] No. s1623

manufacturer: Foshan Midea Qinghu water purification equipment Co., Ltd.

color classification: white

working principle: other

filter element: activated carbon PP cotton, Activated carbon fiber

usage position: terminal water purification

efficacy: washing vegetables, cooking and bathing


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