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Yaopi glass was founded in 1983. Over the past 36 years, yaopi glass has adhered to technological innovation, service innovation and management innovation, adhered to the concept of "always have new pursuit", continued to develop and expand, and started a new journey of strengthening the brand and enterprise

bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Shanghai yaopi Glass Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as yaopi) has grown rapidly in the 36 year journey, adhering to the concept of "always have a new pursuit". Yaopi people continue to adhere to technological innovation, service innovation and management innovation, and use quality to establish brand awareness and reputation in the fields of float glass, construction processing glass, steam glass processing glass and special glass

introduce foreign advanced technology and usher in a new era in the glass industry

in 1983, a major event affecting the history of China's glass industry occurred on the Bank of the Huangpu River: with the strong support of the Shanghai Municipal People's government and the national building materials administration, Shanghai Yaohua Glass factory and the world-renowned glass enterprise Pilkington Glass Company of the United Kingdom jointly established Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd., creating a precedent for China's glass to move towards the world's top level of technology, It ushered in a new era of leapfrog development of China's glass industry

yaopi company introduced the most advanced "float glass process" of Pilkington Co., Ltd. in the world, and replaced the traditional vertical lead-in production process with advanced float production process. It has successively built the first float line with an annual output of 180000 tons and 90000 tons of body colored glass, becoming the first enterprise in China that can produce various specifications of high-quality transparent float glass, It has ended the situation that China's high-quality bulk tinted glass originals are all dependent on imports

the picture shows the overall picture of yaopi float front-line production line

in 1986, in order to meet the supporting needs of Santana car glass of Shanghai Volkswagen, yaopi subsidiary Shanghai yaopi Auto Glass Co., Ltd. invested 49.9 million yuan to introduce the hot line printing bending and toughening production line and bending sandwich production line in the form of international procurement, specializing in the production of automotive glass. After the project was put into operation, 100000 sets of car glass supporting capacity was formed, the product quality reached European ECE standards, and obtained the U.S. dot license

In 1993, yaopi company was restructured and listed, becoming one of the earliest listed companies in China's glass manufacturing industry

in March, 1994, yaopi glass was the first to establish ISO9002 quality system certified by international authoritative institutions in China's glass industry

in 1997, yaopi set foot in the field of construction deep processing and built a technologically leading yaopi Kangqiao processing plant

around 2000, yaopi took the lead in passing the international certification of ISO14001 environmental management system. Yaopi further expanded its scale through acquisition and new construction. The float plate formed production bases in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Tianjin, the building deep processing plate formed production bases in Tianjin, Shanghai and Jiangmen, and the steam glass processing plate formed production bases in Shanghai. Since its establishment, yaopi has maintained a high level of production efficiency and economic benefits in the same industry. It has been rated as one of the top ten joint ventures in China for three times, and has been rated as a national foreign exchange earning and profit earning enterprise for many times. Float glass and architectural processing glass were rated as "Chinese famous brand products" and "Shanghai famous brand products"; "Yaopi" trademark is also certified as "Shanghai famous brand product"

what is more important than the growth of profits and the acquisition of honors is that yaopi has cultivated a group of high-quality staff in practice, formed a pioneering enterprise style and the enterprise concept of "always have new pursuit". Through management upgrading, technological innovation, quality assurance and brand leadership, improve quality in the spirit of high-value craftsman, and strengthen the leading role of the brand in fierce competition

face the fierce market competition and plan the new direction of enterprise development

hundreds of boats compete for the current, and those who work hard are the first. There is a big gap in the technical level, production capacity, production scale and innovation ability of the glass deep processing industry, and the market competition is very fierce. Yaopi company has constantly innovated ideas and strengthened management. Through the concerted efforts of all staff, its main business has increased steadily, and the innovative business in new markets has been vigorously promoted, which has launched yaopi's brand and established a good reputation

after getting on the right track, yaopi gradually formulated a clear and long-term strategic plan, adhered to the strategy of high-end differentiation and upstream and downstream integration, made full use of the platform of listed companies and municipal technology centers, and became a professional high-end glass manufacturing service provider that domestic and foreign customers can trust by strengthening capital operation and technological innovation capabilities

yaopi actively develops differentiated products, including: high-end automotive original glass, aviation glass, multi curved curved tempered glass, three silver Low-E coated glass, super insulating glass, digital printing glass, ultra long and ultra large size glass, etc., so as to position the high-end market and form differentiation with competitors. At the same time, we should adhere to the integration of upstream and downstream development of the group, match the upstream float glass with the downstream construction processing glass and automobile processing glass, give full play to the group's resource advantages, and create an integrated industrial chain

the business area covers the Bohai rim, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the vast areas of the central and western regions, forming a "t" shaped central layout, and taking this as the center to radiate to the surrounding second and third tier cities, from point to area, the business layout realizes the deep coverage of most regions of the country

relying on the financing platform of listed companies and the technology platform of municipal technology centers, yaopi pursues the steady development of enterprises

since December 1993, yaopi has landed in the domestic B-share and A-share markets respectively, and it has been more than 20 years. In the past 20 years, yaopi has gradually changed from a production-oriented enterprise to a business-oriented enterprise. As a listed company, it should not only have the function of financing, but also have the awareness of market value management. In order to promote the rapid and steady development of the company, maintain and enhance the leading position of the company in the glass industry, expand market share, enhance the competitiveness of the company in the glass industry, and improve the overall profitability and anti risk ability, yaopi decided to start the non-public offering of shares in 2013, and yaopi's financing in the capital market set sail again. The company set up a working group for private placement projects. After working hard for more than half a year, the company successfully completed the non-public offering of shares at the end of December 2013, and successfully raised nearly 1billion yuan of funds, with the relevant departments of the company, as well as intermediary institutions such as sponsors, lawyers, accountants, etc., working together day and night, and making steady progress in various stages

in addition to the financing platform of listed companies, yaopi has accumulated unique technological differentiation in technological innovation and has become a representative of the technology leader in China's glass industry. The two enterprise technology centers of industrial glass and automobile glass have continuously maintained the honorary title of municipal technology center. In order to give better play to the platform advantages of the technology center and achieve the effect of "strong combination" and "one plus one is greater than two", yaopi is committed to the integration of the two technology centers, and continues to improve and improve the R & D platform. It has taken the creation of a "National Laboratory" as the next development goal

practice the responsibility of green environmental protection and lead the new development of energy-saving buildings

fulfilling social responsibility is not only the obligation of the enterprise, but also the indispensable source of the sustainable development of the enterprise

in recent years, all walks of life across the country have vigorously implemented the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". Yaopi resolutely chose to change the development mode and embarked on the road of using green environmental protection equipment to develop green energy-saving products

yaopi always adheres to the use of clean energy. It is a company that uses environmental protection equipment such as desulfurization and denitration earlier in the industry. Although it increases production costs, it is more energy-saving and environmental protection, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development. Moreover, yaopi produces high-end energy-saving and environmental protection products, which are conducive to the protection of the ecological environment and can increase the beauty of buildings at the same time

located in Lujiazui, Shanghai center building, with a total height of 632 meters, is currently the highest skyscraper in China and is the landmark of Shanghai. In the 2015 global skyscraper award, Shanghai center ranked first for its involvement and functionality, and was rated as the most beautiful skyscraper. The spiral building has become an Asian fashion, and its coat is from yaopi company

the project selects yaopi's high-quality semi tempered ultra white SGP laminated glass as the outer curtain wall glass, making Shanghai, the tallest skyscraper, more unique Shanghai style. With a total area of 140000 square meters and nearly 20000 curtain wall panels, the glass curtain wall of Shanghai center building is the first time in the world to install a large-area flexible curtain wall in a super high-rise building, which is defined as "the world's top curtain wall project" by the industry. A total of 19 green technologies are used in the Shanghai center building, which can save 25% of energy every year, making the Shanghai center a green building. The biggest green change should be the double-layer glass curtain wall of Shanghai center

the picture shows the panorama of Shanghai center building

with the global warming and the increasingly serious problem of carbon emissions, the glass curtain wall widely used in skyscrapers is widely criticized for its huge heat loss, and the double-layer glass curtain wall effectively solves this problem, because the cavity of the double-layer glass curtain wall can form a temperature buffer zone, which avoids the direct heat exchange between the interior and the outside world, and plays a role of warming in winter and cooling in summer, Thus, the energy consumption of heating and cooling is 50% less than that of single-layer curtain wall

with leading technological innovation, good customer reputation and dedication to product quality excellence, yaopi decorates the world with glass. According to statistics, more than half of the super high-rise buildings in Shanghai use yaopi glass

in addition to being used in a large number of landmark buildings in Shanghai center, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Art Center, Shanghai WorldExpo center and so on, yaopi has set its sights on overseas markets, exported to major markets around the world from the late 1990s, won the favor of world-renowned design companies such as KPF and SOM with high-quality and precise services, and decorated the world with glass. According to incomplete statistics, 61% of the world's top 100 landmark skyscrapers use flared glass. "Yaopi" has become a world-class brand that can compete with Saint Gobain, varicon, guardian and other famous brands in the glass industry

landmark project portfolio map using yaopi glass

stick to scientific and technological innovation and start a new journey of strengthening the brand and enterprise

36 years of ups and downs, because it is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of high-performance, green energy-saving, safe and environmental protection and renewable energy products, "yaopi" brand has become a synonym for high-quality glass at home and abroad, representing the highest development level of today's international glass industry

yaopi has mastered both online and offline high-end low-E coating technology, and has the production capacity of large-scale production of internationally advanced technology products

based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of Pilkington's century old scientific and technological achievements, yaopi adopts the world's leading online low-E coating technology to manufacture the best online Low-E energy-saving glass in China, and has the world's most advanced production line of automotive glass originals. Yaopi developed a number of new products in the float glass sector, such as ultra-thin automotive glass, self-cleaning glass, eclipse glass, privacy glass, etc., completed product performance tests, began mass production, and actively promoted them in the domestic and export markets

in addition, yaopi also introduced the world's most advanced magnetron sputtering coating equipment and technology from Germany, using the world's highest quality glass original and mature magnetron sputtering




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