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There are many links in the home customization industry. Liaoshiquan, the operation manager of Kefan, believes that money may not be able to do a good job in service and build a good reputation, which is not just something that money can solve

to build a good reputation is not only the investment of money, but also the service in the whole process from production to consumption

get through the ERP before and after, and realize paperless office

facing the actual problems in enterprise operation and management, such as "difficult employment, high labor cost, and difficult control of post-90s employees", enterprises have to start to study how to improve the scientization of production management. Kefan has implemented informatization and paperless in 2010. Employees in the production workshop do not need to look at the drawings, but directly look at the computer. The program is simple and orderly. This is mainly due to the perfect docking of front and rear ERP

Kefan spent two years to connect the front sales with the whole rear machine. Its core platform lies in the rear "design center" and "smart factory". Specifically, one is the front "order receiving center" and the other is the rear "order fulfillment center". The so-called "order receiving center" refers to the more than 300 outlets deployed by cofan across the country, and the main body is the "design center" and "smart factory" in the rear. "Smart factory" can realize paperless, automation and standardization, so as to improve production efficiency and production accuracy, which plays a strong supporting role in the future development of Kefan

with the support of the design platform, customers can see the simulation diagram of the whole house on the computer half an hour after entering any store

in addition to design, Kefan also integrates informatization into management, transmitting orders, reviewing drawings, modifying drawings, feedback, arranging orders, entering production processes and a series of processes from stores to headquarters. Customers can query according to the order number and conduct supervision and tracking

according to Liao Shiquan, "Kefan is customizing the software. In the next step, it will develop transportation GPS services to let customers and stores query the real-time logistics of materials. From the front-end store to order, to production docking, to shipment, directly click with your mobile phone and confirm it, which is more convenient for our customers."

with ERP, the original procurement can be very simple

ERP system makes the original complex procurement process much simpler and easier. Before production, as long as the order is entered into the computer software, a series of data such as how many plates, hardware, and others are required in all orders received today will be reflected. Therefore, Kefan's materials are zero inventory, which is very beneficial to the development of Kefan

different from the "produce first, then sell goods" of finished furniture, the customized home furnishing industry is "collect money first, then produce; take materials first, and then pay". Therefore, the capital flow of customized enterprises is forward capital

liaoshiquan said, "as long as we set up the platform well, we will have two months of capital flow in our hands without investing a penny. Our financial supervision is just to pay employees' wages on time every month and pay off the suppliers' money on time."

good reputation is not something that money can solve

pc era, channel is king; But in the mobile era, word of mouth is king. Machinery and equipment, enterprise model, Internet marketing means, these are not the most fundamental decisive force. If the reputation is poor, the bigger it is, the faster it will die

liaoshiquan said: "at present, the equipment commonly used in the industry are Haomai, bias and other equipment, which can be bought with money. But money may not be able to do a good job in the service. Many good reputations are not things that money can solve. The customization industry compares services."

Kefan's service strives for efficiency. When consumers come to Kefan's sales store, they only need to provide the house type map of the blank room. Half an hour later, a set of design scheme is placed in front of consumers. In addition, there are the types and quotations of the whole house furniture. After the consumer selects the design scheme and furniture type, the rear factory immediately receives the order and starts production. It takes about 15 to 25 days, and the furniture of the whole house is sent to the consumer's home

Kefan is not a wardrobe, bookcase, or standard parts, but a whole house customization of non-standard parts. Therefore, products are the most valued by Kefan. From edge banding to the thickness of plates, they have their own characteristics. Eight years ago, others used MDF, and Kefan used particle board as the base material. Although the cost is higher than MDF, the formaldehyde content is low, the nail holding force is strong, and the moisture-proof and compression resistance are much better than MDF; Others' plates are 25mm thick, and cofan's plates are 30mm thick; For others, only the front side of the edge banding is thick, others are thin, while Kefan is all thick

Kefan would rather lower its own profits than ensure product quality, which is the most fundamental principle that Kefan has adhered to in recent ten years

A-class enjoy special services

according to Liao Shiquan, Kefan's dealer service is divided into three parts:

first, engineering orders, which belong to VIP customers. Usually, such orders will not go through normal procedures, from order receiving, quotation, production and follow-up services, etc., and will be directly served by a special team

second, class a dealers. Dealers whose monthly sales volume should reach the specified target will enter class A. Kefan has a relatively special policy to support the top 20 franchisees in terms of sales nationwide. For class a dealers, the after-sales processing time is fast and the authority is large

third, level B dealers. Level B is below the top 20 in sales. This kind of dealer is more like a customer service, mainly dealing with the relationship between the company and consumers, delegating power to him and providing good service

Kefan has a basic management requirement for the customer service team: no matter what happens, once there is a problem, we will resolutely put an end to buck passing. No matter which link of business trip is design, transportation, production, etc., we should first solve the problems of consumers, and then check the responsibility

service ability determines the reputation of a brand in the market, especially in the home furnishing industry. Who has good service is likely to be recognized by consumers




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