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From September, 2018 to January, 2019, nature and well-known media successfully held the "yearning for nature - the first China new exquisite B & B design competition", witnessing the road of new exquisite design enabled by nature

with the gradual rise of young consumer groups, the lifestyle and trend of the times are also gradually changing to new refinement. Life can be more refined through design. In order to meet more consumer demand, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to design. Design has become the primary productive force and plays a decisive role in the development of enterprises

it is reported that based on this insight, nature home successfully held the "yearning for nature - the first China new exquisite B & B design competition" with well-known media from September 2018 to January 2019. In this competition, we can see the road of new exquisite design enabled by nature

The McKinsey report shows that by 2022, China's middle class will reach 630million people, twice the population of the United States. Middle class consumers' demand for quality continues to increase, and their sensitivity to price continues to decrease. Chinese people's home life has risen from the original functional demand to the artistic, diversified and personalized demand. Consumption has quietly upgraded, and people's demand for quality of life gradually tends to be high-end

shexuebin, chairman of nature home, said: "in the era of consumption upgrading, home demand is becoming more and more picky, and the high-end brand image represents a higher quality and exquisite life, which is more likely to be favored by consumers. All this needs to be achieved through the use of artistic methods in design."

after careful observation, it is not difficult to find that from the collection of B & B design works in this competition to the invitation of design masters such as Huang Shuheng, Yang Bangsheng, Shi Nanqiao, Qingshan Zhou Ping and Liu Ronglu as expert judges, and finally to the grand ceremony of the award ceremony. The planning, publicity and promotion of the whole competition always interprets the design concept of new exquisite attitude, highlights the silhouette of high-end life quality, and is easy to deepen people's understanding of high-end life

simplify the design and let life return to nature

with the rapid development of urbanization in China, the urban population in China has increased at an average rate of 2.09 million people per year in the past decade, and the social mood of pressure, impetuosity and anxiety is shrouded over the city. Under pressure, consumer groups began to desire to get close to nature and return to their original heart. Research shows that nearly 40.4% of the urban population want to stay away from the noise, yearn for freedom, refinement, tranquility, and return to nature

according to yaowupeng, general manager of nature home marketing headquarters, "most people now have a fast pace of life and high pressure. After work, they want to find a habitat for their soul to release the pressure. Nature home has always insisted on a healthy life and a healthy home. We hope that through this B & B design competition, more people will realize the exquisite design of cutting the complexity and simplifying, and reduce pressure for life."

it is worth mentioning that nature home has always adhered to the new exquisite design, creating a delicate living experience for users through products with high appearance value, texture and temperature. Together with Dai Kun, Liang Zhitian, Huang Shuheng, shaoweiyan and other design masters, he has created a series of products that are deeply loved by young users, such as "poetic

Shaohua" solid wood floors and "healthy and natural" water-based lacquered wood doors, which have both literary and modern flavor

lead the design and create a precedent for China's new exquisite B & B design competition

it is reported that China today does not lack excellent designers and creative works, but it lacks a platform that can face up to their values and exchange learning. For a long time, it has been a pain point for designers to be unable to communicate and study closely with design masters. On the other hand, due to the weak awareness of intellectual property rights, the degree of economic development and other factors, the absence of design and the marginalization of designers are particularly serious in China

the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. This B & B design competition undoubtedly provides a stage for designers to show their talents. According to the survey, there are many well-known designer exchange platforms in China, which have explored the design of B & B, but no platform has really held the China new exquisite B & B design competition, and there has been a gap in providing a higher display platform for design works

insiders pointed out that for this competition, nature home not only created a precedent for China's new exquisite B & B design competition, but also further interpreted the concept of new exquisite design and decoded the future trend of home life. At the same time, it will also attract the attention of peers and lead the industry to move consumers with high-quality products and services

the new year has begun. What kind of surprise will nature home bring us next year? Will the overall professional ability of home building materials and design industry be improved? Let's look forward to it together





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