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If the space of your home is very small, it is also a smart choice to put a small and multifunctional shelf in the porch. It is best to have three or more shelves on this shelf, so that different items can be placed according to the situation, integrating aesthetics and practicality. In addition, you can choose the one with many drawers to store shoes, small clothes, gloves and other items. Hooks and shelves can also be installed on the blank wall next to it to store the clothes taken off after entering the door, which is convenient to find

popular design I:

customize the overall wardrobe. The storage function of the overall wardrobe is far more than that of the wardrobe we bought, and makes full use of the narrow space inside the wall at the entrance, which maximizes the function of storing clothes and reduces the pressure of the bedroom. For families who cannot open cloakrooms alone, according to your house type, if conditions permit, it is the best storage plan to make an overall wardrobe in the porch

popular design II:

the personalized porch of artistic modeling can not only store shoes, hats and clothes, but also for people who like to store good wine, if your home is not big enough and there is no separate bar, you can make the porch into a wine cabinet and bar, which can not only meet the function of wine storage, but also realize two people's dining, but also have a beautiful effect. Generally, transparent or frosted glass is embedded in the fully hollowed out panes, and some of them do not use glass at all. Simple and elegant, the wardrobe and shoe cabinet next to it are not dull at all

popular design III:

New Chinese style shoe cabinets, which make the new Chinese style of home minimalist and timeless, are becoming more and more popular, so using shoe cabinets decorated with classical patterns as porches has become a trend. It separates the space and is transparent and beautiful




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