Seven tips for autumn decoration

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Autumn comes and summer goes, and the weather is gradually cool, but the decoration is beginning to "hot". Experienced people know that autumn decoration has many advantages, such as dry weather, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and paint and paint are easy to dry, but there will also be some unique decoration sequelae. If the following precautions are achieved, the decoration will get twice the result with half the effort

remind me to regularly ventilate and prevent pollution

the pollution generated in the decoration process has already become one of the most concerned problems, and has seriously affected people's daily life. Therefore, experts strongly suggest that when decorating, take advantage of the strong wind in autumn to often maintain ventilation and improve indoor air quality; In addition, reduce the on-site operation of paint and wood products, and try to choose brand finished products; "Use less boards" has also become a consensus in decoration. Furniture is made of solid wood or a mixture of solid wood and boards, and paint, coating, adhesives and other auxiliary materials are also made of brands with good reputation

the owner must grasp the three passes of material, construction and inspection in the decoration process, so as to basically prevent decoration pollution

remind two wallpapers to replenish water to prevent deformation

in recent years, wallpapers of various colors have been favored, but the reporter reminded decorators who want to use wallpapers that they must replenish water for wallpapers in autumn. In summer, because the air is humid, after the normal construction of wallpaper and wallpaper, open the doors and windows to let the wall dry quickly. However, due to the relatively dry climate in autumn, wallpapers and wallcloths must be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue; After paving, you can't open doors and windows as much as in summer to let the wall dry quickly. Doing so is very easy for the newly paved wallpaper to be dried by the "draught wind", resulting in water loss and deformation. Therefore, in autumn, the wall with wallpaper and wallpaper should be naturally dried in the shade

remind three wood materials to seal oil to moisturize

it is cool in autumn, the air is dry, the wood will not return to moisture, and the paint is also easier to dry, but if the prevention is not proper, it will also bring some trouble. Experts suggest that the wood delivered to the site should not be placed in a ventilated place, and the wood with high value should be sealed with oil, otherwise the wood surface will have small cracks due to the rapid loss of water. The wood line used for trimming is solid wood, and its moisture content is higher than that of the decorative panel. After processing, the surface should also be sealed as soon as possible. If the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink, which may also affect the appearance of the decorative panel

remind that the four styles of colors should be suitable for the four seasons

the climate turns cool. People will unconsciously like some warmer colors, which will cause illusion and misleading to the visual senses. Therefore, we should objectively examine our tendency when purchasing building materials, give play to our spatial imagination, and create a home environment suitable for our own climate in all seasons

remind people not to rush to repair in May and autumn.

wood floors shrink, board seams increase, and seams at interfaces of different materials... Experts point out that after autumn, decorated rooms in spring and summer may cause different degrees of cracks and seams due to dryness and frequent temperature changes. Water volatilization and material shrinkage are normal conditions, which can be repaired, but it is best not to repair them immediately. Because the cracking at this time is caused by the gradual volatilization of water in the wall. If the "channel" of water volatilization is repaired at this time, the water actually continues to volatilize, so it will find a new "channel" - the wall may still crack again. Therefore, when repairing in autumn, we should pay attention not to worry. We should wait until the next spring, after the obvious changes in the temperature difference between cold and warm seasons, and the problems of dryness, cracking and deformation no longer develop, and then carry out a one-time repair. The effect is good

remind VI that fire prevention and explosion prevention are very important

most decoration materials are inflammables, and the paint, coating, diluent, etc. used in decoration are extremely volatile, and their explosion concentration limit is 1.5% to 1.7%. Within this range, it may lead to danger in case of very small sparks generated by starting electric tools, plugging in power sockets, etc. Therefore, experts remind that the storage place of paint, coating, diluent, etc. must keep a proper safe distance from the live operating tools

reminder VII beware of the sloppy ending of the festival

there are many people decorating in autumn, and engineering teams and workers often neglect quality in order to catch up with the project. At this time, the workers work faster, so compared with other seasons, the phenomenon of idling and delaying the construction period of workers in autumn is relatively rare, but in this way, the work will inevitably be rough, so the owner must be careful and strict in the acceptance of the project

in addition, in the peak decoration season, many brand goods are out of stock or have different varieties, and may even be out of stock after paying the deposit. The owner plans in advance, and the specific requirements should be reflected in the deposit agreement in writing to avoid delaying the construction period




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