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Bedroom, a place for the body and mind to rest, people spend one third of their life in the bedroom, so the decoration design of the bedroom is very important. In order to create a warm, comfortable, light

bedroom is a place for the body and mind to rest. People spend one third of their lives in the bedroom, so the decoration design of the bedroom is very important. In order to create a warm, comfortable and relaxed sleeping environment in the bedroom and enjoy a safe sleep every night, you don't need to be always woken up by noise. Your bedroom needs a quiet and good door and window

the morning of the day starts from the bedroom. Open your sleepy eyes, welcome the bright sunshine outside the window, and start a new day; The end of the day also ends in the bedroom, ends the day's work, eliminates physical and mental fatigue, and goes to sleep with the stars and the moon outside the window...

the decoration style of the bedroom should start from the functionality of the bedroom, while considering the preferences of the owner. The bedroom should create a good sleeping environment, furniture and design should not be too complicated, and attention should be paid to the sense of warmth and simplicity, which is more beneficial to sleep. The style of bedroom doors and windows should also be coordinated with the style of the overall bedroom

broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are the first-line brand choice for beauty. Doors and windows have diverse products, styles and styles, including modern simplicity, European style light luxury, new Chinese style classic, rural fresh, Mediterranean style and other styles. When matched with home decoration style, they greatly enhance the aesthetic feeling of space design

the color matching of the bedroom will also affect the bedroom atmosphere. The nerve cells of the eyes are more sensitive to colors that are too bright and too bright, so the bedroom should choose mild colors with low color and low brightness for matching, so that the overall space appears calm, soothing, warm and harmonious, so as to better let people relax and enter the sleep state. The doors and windows in the bedroom should also choose warm and soft colors to match the bedroom design

bedroom temperature is also one of the factors affecting people's sleep quality. Too cold or too hot is not conducive to sleep. Generally speaking, a comfortable room temperature around 26 ℃ is easier for people to fall asleep. When it is hot in summer and cold in winter, in addition to using air conditioning and heating to adjust the room temperature, you can also skillfully use doors and windows to keep warm and save energy

the isobaric sealing design of meizhixuan doors and windows, heat insulation strips and high sealing hardware accessories create excellent heat insulation performance, effectively isolate the heat loss caused by indoor and outdoor temperature differences, and at the same time, low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation, creating a warm winter and cool summer effect for the room

when sleeping, the bedroom environment is too dry or too wet, which will also affect the sleep quality. The humidity index of the bedroom suitable for sleep is generally 50-65% RH

doors and windows, a first-line brand of beautiful choice, adopt multi-channel sealing design structure, adopt automobile grade high-quality EPDM composite sealant strip, seal layer by layer, have better water tightness and air tightness, no rain leakage, anti leakage, anti wind pressure. The innovative drainage design is adopted for the windows, together with the advanced wind proof and drainage seals, which can seal well and drain quickly, which helps to drain the water to the outside smoothly, and better maintain the humidity balance of the bedroom in storm and rainy days

for shallow sleepers, a good silent door and window is very important, especially in thunderstorms, the thunder and rain will make people irritable. If you also mix the noisy voices of people Hawking on the street and the sound of vehicle horns, it will make people sleepless all night. Therefore, if you want to have a comfortable sleep, you must install a quiet and noise reducing door and window for your bedroom

Guangdong Duanqiao aluminum doors and windows brand beauty choice doors and windows have been pursuing high-quality life. They are independently developed and made according to their needs. They not only meet the functional needs, but also are closer to the user's personality preferences. They integrate many design elements to meet the user's emotional needs. Product design pays attention to aesthetic functions, use functions, structural functions, and create a home experience of doors and windows in combination with fashion trends. Savor the scenery inside and outside the windows carefully, Give yourself a holiday from time to time to integrate life into nature. After getting rid of your busy work, carefully enjoy life, and enjoy the relaxing experience brought by doors and windows, as well as the tranquility and comfort of your home





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