The interior decoration of Fuzhou citizen service

  • Detail, April 15 - the newly opened Fuzhou citizen service center (hereinafter referred to as the service center) greatly facilitates our citizens' work, but I don't know when the internal decoration will be completed& rdquo; Miss fan, a Fuzhou citizen, reported yesterday that some floors of the service center were still under renovation and worried about air pollution. The Management Committee of the service center said yesterday that the construction progress is being accelerated and the construction is expected to be completed by the end of the month

several staff members wear masks

yesterday morning, Haidu reporter came to the service center, and you can see that the exterior and interior of the center are under renovation, and the staff have begun to handle business for the citizens. Entering the hall on the first floor, the reporter can feel that there is a smell similar to electric welding in the air. In the many windows in the hall, some staff members wear masks to work. Some staff members admitted that they bought masks by themselves because construction would produce a small amount of dust and smell

reporters saw yesterday that they were handling “ Industrial injury insurance ” At the business window, two of the three staff members wore masks, and one of the masks was somewhat similar to gas masks. At the second and third floor windows, the proportion of staff wearing masks is higher. In some windows, a whole row of staff are wearing various masks and busy handling various businesses for citizens

Director Huang of the Management Committee of the service center said yesterday that the service windows of several service units stationed in the service center are very crowded in the original units, and citizens often have to queue up to finish their business. Therefore, although the service center has not been completely renovated, it is still opened first in order to facilitate citizens to handle business

director Huang admitted that since there are still floors under decoration, it is inevitable that a small amount of dust will be generated, and the staff of the center will work for a long time inside, so it is understandable to wear masks. Director Huang said yesterday that the service center has been urging the construction team to speed up the decoration progress and strengthen ventilation measures recently. It is expected that the service center will be fully decorated by the end of this month to serve the citizens with a better appearance

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