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September 22 rubber daily review: the overall trend of the decline of Shanghai rubber was volatile

on September 22, the natural rubber futures of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) fell across the board, and the position increased. The main force in the industry is known as "rubber gold". The 1001 contract opened at 17440 yuan/ton and closed at 17265 yuan/ton, down 135 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price on September 21. The whole day trading volume was 437404 hands and the position was 130396 hands

on the disk, the whole line of Shanghai Jiao Stock Exchange opened slightly higher in the morning and fell, the average line was suppressed obviously, and the technical indicators were still empty. However, the weekly and monthly line support below was strong, and the lower space was limited. The future market is expected to maintain the shock trend

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures rose for the fourth day in the Asian electronic trading session on the 22nd, and once broke above $70/barrel, which was attributed to the weak US dollar enhancing the investment attraction of commodity futures. NYMEX October crude oil futures rose 57 cents to $70.28 a barrel. The settlement price of the contract fell $2.33 to $69.71 a barrel on the 21st, down 3.2%

basically, the domestic natural rubber inventory rose for two consecutive months, and the United States worried about the high inventory of Huate insurance case, which would bring greater pressure on the upward price of Shanghai rubber futures. In addition, after Argentina announced on the 17th that it would impose punitive tariffs on Chinese bicycle tires, it is also considering a special warranty investigation on car tires from China. In the short term, the negative impact of the "special insurance case" on the market needs to be further digested

automobile market: the demand of China, Brazil and India is strong, as well as the recovery growth of European and American automobiles. The overall global demand for tires is still very strong, which will provide long-term support for Tianjiao. The foreign spot is relatively strong. With the passage of time, the rubber will enter the cut-off period, and the supply will be further reduced. Therefore, under the strong influence of the peripheral market, the domestic stock is also gradually consumed, and the market may reverse. However, in the short term, Shanghai Jiaotong still has weak shocks. After all, there are nearly 100000 tons of domestic inventory to be digested

in terms of spot goods, there was no deal in the reclamation area market yesterday. Today, the quotation of Hainan agricultural reclamation market remains at 17007 yuan/ton, and the quotation of Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation rises to 17028 yuan/ton. Affected by the holidays in Indonesia, the international market price is in short supply and the market price is firm. The price is quoted as USD/ton CIF; The market quotation in the bonded area was basically stable, and the negotiation atmosphere was heated up. The factory began to prepare goods in the coming National Day holiday, and the traders were also willing to ship goods. However, affected by the special insurance, the factory was relatively cautious in preparing goods, the overall sales had not been greatly improved, and the market was still stable

on September 22, the official FOB quotation of RSS3 for Bangkok tobacco glue remained stable in October. The spot prices in the main production areas in Asia have risen continuously after a sharp decline. On the one hand, the spot market has not been seriously affected by the special insurance case. On the other hand, the Chinese government is starting to cure the tire industry because unemployment endangers social stability, and the recovery of the global auto market has partially offset this bad news. The downward trend of spot prices has not started, which does not pose pressure on the futures market

it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, General Customs "The workshop is my 'battlefield'. According to the data released by the Department, China's natural rubber import in August decreased by 8.9% to 151000 tons month on month, 2% lower than that in the same period of 2008, and also significantly lower than the import of 166000 tons in July. In July, China's natural rubber import increased by 2.4% year on year. Fifth, it reached 1.15 million tons before the experimental operation. The import growth in August obviously lags behind the average level, indicating that the demand potential in the near future is insufficient, It may bring pressure to the market

at present, the weak domestic fundamentals have not been greatly improved. The national support for tire enterprises and the good trend of the international market will limit the downward space of Shanghai rubber. However, the pressure caused by the high domestic inventory still needs to be digested, and Shanghai rubber will still be weak in the short term

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