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EDM technology of small-size holes can effectively improve the machining accuracy

when EDM EDM drilling technology is applied to the machining of hard materials (such as die steel, tool steel, etc.), the machined holes have certain functionality. The accuracy from the top to the ground surface is different. For most EDM drilling technologies, a common problem is that the processed hole shape experimental data is more accurate to form a cone, which is also what we call "warhead type"

low voltage control power supply

in order to eliminate the "bullet shaped" phenomenon of holes, mold manufacturers need to carefully consider some relevant factors when purchasing high-speed small hole EDM drilling machines, not the electrode itself, but also how to control the corrosion of metal materials by the power supply (Fig. 1)

Figure 1 the control power supply of this equipment does not cause the electrode to produce a "warhead type" change, and can process holes with clean surface,

and can discharge quickly

when EDM is used for drilling processing, if a low voltage of no more than 35V is used to corrode the metal, it is worth recommending. This low-voltage control power supply can realize high-speed machining under the condition of low electrode loss. Another advantage is that it can be cooled by ordinary tap water, and deionized water can be used for other purposes. All these features can ensure that the machine tool consumes only one electrode after processing 15 holes with a diameter of 0.040in on D2 material with a thickness of 2in (1in=25.4mm, the same below) (Fig. 2)

Figure 2 it is very important to correctly select the matching between power supply and processing speed in EDM drilling processing.

selecting the correct power supply system can ensure that the end face of the electrode is very flat, and ensure that the bottom surface of the processed hole is clean when the electrode is discharged

most EDM drilling processes use a voltage of 100V. When the voltage exceeds about 300%, many electrode end faces will become "bullet shaped". Using low-voltage control power supply can discharge more fully, the hole wall is more vertical, the side error is smaller, and the electrode end face can be kept flat. The electrode material loss will also be reduced, generally 25% - 30%

for example, drill holes on type stainless steel with a hole diameter of 0.027in and a hole depth of 0.035in. The EDM drilling machine with low-voltage power supply can complete the drilling process within 8s, and the electrode material loss is 25%. A 16in long electrode can process 150 holes, and there will be 12-15 holes on the hole wall μ M. the maximum thickness allowed for operation is 20 μ m. Using low-voltage power supply can minimize side error

comparison with punch

using CNC electric machining (EDM) punch workshop can process holes with better quality, but using punch requires more money and time to complete the processing of parts (Fig. 3). For example, you can think of a set of EDM like this. The cost of drilling machine is about 25000 US dollars, compared with the initial investment of CNC EDM punch machine is about 95000 US dollars. Although EDM punch is a very good tool in most cases, it may be a wiser choice to use EDM drilling machine under the condition that the tolerance requirements are not very strict. Using punch to drill holes can improve the accuracy of holes, but it needs a lot of extra money and time

Figure 3 when using EDM technology to drill holes, the use of punch is the only correct choice

operating requirements

the workshop should first carefully read the operating requirements when carrying out EDM processing of small holes, and carefully grasp the instructions used to complete the operation of the concrete pressure testing machine specialized in Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. If the machining hole diameter is within the range of 0.012~0.12in, EDM drilling machine can meet the requirements. For high-quality requirements, if the micro hole mold, it is best to choose EDM punch to complete the operation

most small hole machining can be completed only by EDM drilling machine and EDM technology

and how to define these holes? A finely machined hole? A micropore? If the tool cooling hole, injection nozzle hole or other fuel injection system is being processed, and the hole diameter is about 0.025in, EDM drilling machine is the best choice

return from laser processing

in recent years, processing workshops have generally purchased laser processing machines that have been quickly accepted by the majority of sports sole manufacturers, while many users use EDM drilling machines as backup equipment. However, when encountering problems such as metal debris and uneven hole quality, some users will take EDM drilling machine as the preferred method of hole processing again

in the production process of parts, whether processing the cooling holes on the blades of jet turbines or the holes on the injector nozzles, some users who used laser processing machines began to use EDM small hole drilling machines again, because this can better ensure the stability of processing quality. After laser processing, a large number of "thermal nodules" and metal debris will be generated at the back and bottom of the workpiece, so it is impossible to process high-quality holes with roundness standards and the inner wall completely perpendicular to the bottom

in addition, EDM drilling machine can make the workshop process ± 0.005in deep blind holes. When other technologies are used to process blind holes with depth requirements, the bottom of the hole cannot be consistent with the radius of the opening. Using EDM drilling machine correctly can process thousands of holes with certain hole depth requirements and the bottom size meets the requirements. If the bottom hole diameter of the last few holes has slight shrinkage, it is also very reasonable

most customers' requirements are speed, accuracy, tool life, and cost. Low pressure EDM drilling machines can meet a wide range of needs in small hole processing. Now we need to study the possibility of automating this processing process

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