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Ecuador has formulated various standards for the use of wood packaging materials in international trade

2 she said that on July 5, 2006, the Ecuadorian Bureau of Agricultural Health (SESA) announced that it had formulated a very convenient experimental function for wood packaging materials used in international trade; In addition, it is equipped with a special lengthened jaw for steel strand to ensure the interruption of cracking materials in the sample

the regulations and standards are implemented in two stages. Phase 1: in June, SESA will inform all importers of relevant decisions through the media. From July 1, all wooden packaging materials entering Ecuador must be properly handled and sealed according to the regulations of IPPC, some models may be more than No.15. If they do not meet the regulations, they should be reported to the NPPO of the exporting country. All import related information is provided by the Ecuadorian customs agency (CAE). When the packaging materials of goods entering Ecuador are substandard and untreated, they should be immediately reloaded. If any signs of pests are found, they should be handled according to international technical recommendations

stage 2: CAE and SESA will detain and reload any inbound packaging that does not meet international and domestic standards. When SESA informs the CIA and the central bank that the importer has not paid the storage, reloading and other technical management fees, CAE and the central bank will suspend all import and export procedures for the importer who does not implement the current regulations

the regulation was approved on June 2, 2006 and came into force on July 1, 2006

source: China's wto/tbt-sps national market recovery report Consulting Center

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