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Ge enhances predix platform: AI capability + edge analysis

Abstract: in order to consolidate the core position of the IOT industry, Ge tries to add some new functions to its industrial IOT product prdix to help enterprises analyze data and predict possible events, whether the data comes from pumps, valves, heat exchangers or mobile machinery and equipment

with the rapid development of IOT industry, enterprises can easily obtain various data from devices. However, to turn these data into value, further collation and analysis are needed. Data analysis is the core and difficulty of IOT system

in order to consolidate the core position of IOT industry, Ge tried to add some new functions to its industrial IOT product predix to help enterprises analyze data and predict possible events, whether the data comes from pumps, valves, heat exchangers or mobile machinery and equipment

Ge hopes to add edge computing to predix platform, so that data analysis can obtain more high-quality network traffic and real-time analysis results, so as to reduce the cost of system operation. At the AI + machine conference this week, the general software department said that it would provide a series of new edge computing applications and functions to help enterprises more effectively predict machine and equipment failures and plan service time

new applications mean connecting information and operational technology (it and OT) systems to better manage corporate assets, such as integrating data from factories and inventory equipment into ERP and supply chain systems, and then to enterprise data centers or the cloud

industrial IOT platform as a service

when enterprises want to master the flow chart of a large number of lower computer software generated by IOT equipment, and compare the data with the traditional independent fatigue testing machine control system, cloud computing will naturally be used. In order to meet the needs of IOT data storage and processing, some technology companies began to provide various cloud services and applications. At present, cloud computing products mainly include IAAs and PAAS. IAAs refers to infrastructure as a service. Suppliers include Amazon's AWS, Microsoft's azure and Google's cloud computing IOT. PAAS refers to platform as a service. Its main products include thingworx of PTC and mindsphere of Siemens

the predix platform launched by General Electric is also a PAAS type product, which is currently the most comprehensive industrial IOT application development tool. With 124 years of experience in the construction and operation of industrial equipment, GE has become a major supplier of industrial IOT platforms by providing efficiency optimization solutions for industrial equipment operators through PAAS

most software companies may be able to analyze what may happen in the future from historical data, or what happens to the flow and pressure of the connected virtual circuit display equipment. GE has a lot of experience and knowledge from the failure cases of design and manufacturing process, and provides users with a 360 degree visual unique device analysis and insight

GM has cooperated with Amazon to run other predix on AWS, and may also run on Microsoft azure in the future. Predix is a research team that focuses on solid but perishable polymethylmethacrylate (commonly known as plexiglass) and polycarbonate platform service software that is not easy to break and more resilient. It can rely on basic service platforms such as AWS and azure, and customers will be free to choose which platform to run the software on in the future

data analysis business moves to the edge

processing and analysis of equipment data locally will achieve more data volume and higher efficiency. This assumption can be realized through edge computing. The data is optimized locally first, rather than directly transmitted to the data center or cloud. It can only be uploaded through the network when the enterprise needs it

the marginalization of IOT is an important trend. Gartner, a world-famous consulting company, believes that 75% of the data will be analyzed and processed outside the data center or cloud by 2022. The ability to process and manage data on the edge and in the cloud will be critical for enterprises to optimize their businesses

to help enterprises better process data at the edge, Ge provides some edge enhancements, including predix edge capabilities running on server hardware. In the past, only as a cloud service, predix now allows enterprises to support up to 200000 connected devices

GE has also launched a predix machine software, which is a product designed for the micro server market, and can run on customers' virtualized data center infrastructure or server hardware to solve the problem of enterprise sewage discharge. Edge management and machine will take effect in the first quarter of next year, while another function, predix complex event processing (CEP), will be available by the end of this year. CEP will ensure that data allows faster and more effective event processing with extremely low delay

operational performance and AI service management

improving operational performance is the key to enterprise management. OPM (operational performance assessment) points out that the business process of an enterprise should be evaluated and monitored from an operational perspective, Analyze and improve the concept of enterprise operation efficiency. Ge OPM software is an extended product based on asset performance management (APM) system, which can be used in mining industry at present. GM said that next year, OPM will expand to other industries. OPM mainly uses real-time and historical data and analysis to help customers make better business decisions

for example, if the industrial process deviates from the plan and the average export price is stable, an early warning will be sent to the operator, so that the enterprise has time to solve the business problems and take preventive measures, which will greatly reduce the huge losses caused by wrong arrangements

last year, Ge spent 915million to acquire servicemax, and then has been committed to integrating the company's field service management (FSM) with GE products and third-party tool software. For example, artificial intelligence predictive analysis is integrated into the Apache spark AI engine to improve service time

in addition, the new application allows service providers to install third-party mobile applications on the same device and share FSM data. The new program feature allows multiple work order links to increase first-time fixed rates and reduce service visits

new application development tool

the addition of general digital APM suite, including predix workbench, will be released in the first quarter of next year. The application is designed as a drag and drop graphical interface, allowing non expert developers to use GE software. This design can be used by many people, not necessarily by graduate students majoring in computing, to build and expand applications in a secure environment. Using APM suite and tools can expand more applications, add more data sources, and even go beyond the scope provided by GE

in the upcoming analysis platform of digital twins in the engineering field, mid-2018 adopts algorithms and template libraries to help Ge customers establish the so-called digital twins virtual model design faster and easier, so that enterprises can easily understand the performance and operation of tangible assets such as aeroengines

digital twin software runs through the whole life cycle of its generation and is measured through data analysis and ERP systems, such as the management of physical assets and the monitoring of performance degradation. The analysis workbench will also help users realize the ability of machine learning, and let these models improve the efficiency of work and save time

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