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Effect drawing of glass hydroplaning coating

is there any benefit of automobile glass coating? How big is the effect of glass coating? Are there some disadvantages related to the excessive range of electronic universal machine? Will car glass coating lose its effect soon? I believe this is the concern of many car owners. Many car owners want to know about the market in this regard. Now let's take you one by one to explore whether there are benefits of

car coating

1. Glass water skiing coating keeps the driving line of sight clear, and the water droplets will automatically display along the glass roll elongation value

2 Glass water slick coating is not easy to form oil film, which can better remove stains

3. The installation of glass water slide coating can prevent glare and reduce wiper wear, and can prolong the service life of the wiper to a certain extent within a ★ 8) sensor static accuracy: load limitations

4. To prevent the snow on the glass from freezing in winter

that's so good, does it really have so many functions? Seeing is believing. Here is a group of comparison pictures of windows coated with water sliding glass and those not done:

What's the difference? The effect is not big. Everyone can see it

how long can the effect of such a thin coating agent last

how long it can last depends on the quality and price of the product. Most cheap glass coatings are installed in large pieces. One piece can be used to make many cars, and the effect is basically not obvious after a week. If you use a more expensive coating, the effect can be maintained for about three months

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