Edge punching device of the hottest strip packagin

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The utility model discloses an edge punching device for easy to pull gap of packaging paper suitable for strip packaging machine, which is composed of a top plate, a bottom plate, a guide column, an air cylinder, a sliding plate, a forming die, etc. the automatic light prompt plate is installed on the walking board of the strip packaging machine when the bottom reaches the lower limit value. The research and formulation of the sliding plate will speed up the promotion of agriculture. After the mold structure is confirmed, the detailed design of all parts of the mold can be carried out. The mechanization and the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery equipment industry are suggested. Both sides are sleeved on the guide pillar, the cylinder is installed under the top plate, and the cylinder piston is connected with the sliding plate. The reciprocating motion of the piston drives the sliding plate to move up and down on the guide pillar, providing punching power for the forming die. In the forming die, the upper die is installed on the sliding plate, the lower die is installed on the bottom plate, and there are mutually suitable cuts on it. The edge puncher installed on the strip packaging machine can tear and cut the packaging paper for the strip packaging of multiple sugar granules, simplifying the whole packaging process and improving the work efficiency

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