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Liaoyuan cleared 55000 unqualified plastic bags from the shelves. Since January 1, in order to implement the provisions of Jilin Province on prohibiting the production and sale of disposable non degradable plastic shopping bags and plastic tableware, Liaoyuan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce staff have set up advisory desks in major shopping malls and farmers' markets in Liaoyuan City to publicize and explain the significance, specific provisions, requirements, etc. of implementing the plastic ban order, In particular, the differences between the "plastic restriction order" and the "plastic prohibition order", how to distinguish between qualified and unqualified plastic bags, how to purchase and order standard qualified plastic bags were answered on the spot

Liaoyuan Administration for Industry and commerce at all levels went deep into shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers' markets and other business places to carry out supervision and inspection of plastic ban. Heavy metals in soil can accumulate in crops and enter the human body through the food chain. We will focus on the inspection of the business entity qualifications and purchase and sales accounts of plastic bags, plastic tableware wholesalers and retailers within the jurisdiction, and establish the credit files of business entities. According to the credit situation of market entities, we should implement hierarchical classification and dynamic management, establish a list system of business exceptions, supervise and guide market entrepreneurs to establish a management system, and sign a plastic ban commitment with market entrepreneurs, market entrepreneurs and entry operators

in order to effectively implement the plastic ban, Liaoyuan Administration for Industry and Commerce has set up two supervision teams to carry out special supervision by going straight to the grass-roots level and directly inserting into the site without notice or report, so as to timely inform the situation and problems of the plastic ban. Up to now, 818 market entities such as various markets, shopping malls, supermarkets and wholesale operators have been inspected, and 55000 unqualified plastic bags have been cleaned and removed from the shelves. Our main contribution to this is achieved through the creative game experience of bringing high and low temperature universal material testing machines for children, but users must take out electronic modules before cleaning

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