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Lide Huafu has been listed in the "Forbes China potential enterprise list" for three times.

recently, the 2011 Forbes China potential enterprise investment forum and the 2011 Forbes China best potential enterprise award ceremony were grandly held in Shanghai. There are only 9 enterprises that have won awards for more than three consecutive times on this year's list, and Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is the only high-voltage inverter enterprise that has been listed for three consecutive times

this selection is the seventh time that Forbes Chinese edition has conducted a comprehensive and independent survey on more than 20000 small and medium-sized enterprises with a sales revenue of 5million yuan and 1billion yuan nationwide, and based on growth indicators (3-year weighted sales growth rate, profit growth rate), return indicators (3-year weighted ROA, ROE) The profitability index (net interest rate) and the sales and profit scale index can select the industry with a material elongation of more than 1000% for the candidate enterprises to conduct a comprehensive ranking, and select 200 small and medium-sized enterprises with the most development potential, including 100 listed companies and 100 non listed companies

the company is also more dominant in terms of sustainable operation and price holding. The ability to continue to make profits is the most important part of this selection. As of March, 2011, the maximum elongation is far greater than 100% of the operating load;, Lide Huafu has accumulated nearly 5000 sets of product sales performance, with a market share of nearly 30%, and ranks first in market share for seven consecutive years. Lide Huafu has formulated three basic principles for its own development: grasp the trend of technological progress in this field; Constantly open up new application fields; Establish a good corporate image. Relying on these three principles, Lide Huafu has been able to become a leading enterprise of high-voltage inverter from an unknown enterprise, and strive to achieve the long-term goal of a world-class enterprise in the field of variable frequency speed regulation

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