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Lidar integrated car headlights will appear at CES 2020

it is reported that SILC technologies, an American supplier of integrated single-chip FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) lidar solutions, and varroc lighting systems, an American supplier of automotive lighting systems, announced that they would jointly display lidar integrated car headlights at CES 2020

varroc lighting systems' headlights combine their own LED design with four SILC silicon photon FMCW vision chips, and each headlamp provides a complete 20 x 80 degree field of view (FOV)

source: Qu Yan, general manager of varroc lighting systems/silc Changzhou 6th element material technology Co., Ltd., told technologies that the compact lidar chip architecture of SILC can be inconspicuously embedded anywhere in the car. At the same time, the 4d+ vision chip can integrate the required functions, such as coherent light source and optical signal processing, so as to obtain additional information before returning photons are converted into electrons. In addition, SILC's lidar chip can detect objects with low reflectivity beyond 200 meters

in addition, the visual sensor of SILC can detect the height, width, distance, reflectivity, speed and light polarization of objects. Compared with the existing technology, coherent interferometric sensing approach improves the achievable accuracy by several orders of magnitude

it is reported that before SILC cooperated with varroc lighting polycarbonate: plastic also has texture systems, blickfeld, a German lidar company, also cooperated with Koito, an automotive lighting supplier, in May 2019. Therefore, blickfeld is an ideal material for manufacturing lidar integrated headlights in harsh production environments. (compilation: ledinside Jani, if considering CE from the perspective of environmental protection)

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