Basic knowledge of the hottest tap

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The basic knowledge of taps


although the cutting method of internal threads (nuts) makes a greater contribution to the construction of a manufacturing power and economic and social development, most of them use lathes for cutting or tapping with taps, but in the case of small diameter and mass production, almost all of them are tapping with taps

most tapping operations are close to the final processing procedure, so once the tap breaks, the screw hole expands or shrinks, tooth cracking and other difficulties occur, many bad products will be caused and many damages will be suffered

with the progress of automation and high-speed of mechanical equipment in recent years, tapping machines have also been used as excellent machines equipped with guide and feed machines. On the other hand, the material being cut tends to be more and more difficult to cut, and the cutting conditions are usually a single tap, which has become more stringent

tapping is to tap the thread with the bottom hole diameter drilled by the drill, which is to cut in a very narrow space and discharge the chips. The flow condition of chips varies with the material being cut, so it is ideal to use a tap developed according to its purpose

explain the characteristics of the tap, its correct use method, and the Countermeasures in the following order

1. Selection of tap

1.1 name of each part of tap

see Figure 1 for the name of each part of tap

1.2 types of taps

taps have various shapes for the purpose of use. JIS specifications stipulate hand taps, nut taps, pipe thread taps, etc

table tap classification

distinguish the types of taps. Equal diameter hand taps are generally hand taps, hand taps for cast iron, hand taps for die castings, hand taps for plastic resin parts, hand taps for high hardness steel, taps for screw sleeves, hand taps with thick handles, hard alloy taps, nuts, taps, nuts, taps, pipe thread taps, general pipe thread taps, short screw push and pull taps, pipe thread taps for cast iron Soft iron pipe thread taps and other screw point taps generally use screw point taps, stainless steel screw point taps, deep hole screw point taps, gun flute taps generally use spiral groove taps, don't often pay attention to the problems found in the use process of the experimental machine, rust steel spiral groove taps this machine is the current domestic advanced model, high carbon steel spiral groove taps, deep hole spiral groove taps Left-hand spiral groove tap extrusion tap steel tap, non-ferrous metal extrusion tap shank special tap Morse tap, bent handle tap, content chip tap, long handle tap composite tap with drill tap, reamer tap, reducing tap, tap with guide post, replaceable tap at the edge, shell tap, the insert edge is more than twice the area of France tap, other diameter increased taps

main shape The structure classifiers are shown in the table

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