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Basic knowledge of printing

printing process

· prepress: refers to the work in the early stage of printing, generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, film production, etc

· printing: refers to the work in the middle of printing, and the process of printing finished products through the printing machine

· post press: refers to the work at the later stage of printing, generally refers to the post-processing of printed matter, including cutting, laminating, die cutting, pasting bags, mounting, etc., which is mostly used for publicity and packaging printed matter

printing elements

· paper: there are many types of paper, generally divided into coated paper and uncoated paper. Coated paper generally refers to coated paper (glossy copper) and matte paper (matte copper), which are mostly used for color printing; Uncoated paper generally refers to offset paper and paper, which are mostly used for the printing of letter paper, envelopes and newspapers

· color: generally, printed matter is embossed by four colors: yellow, magenta, cyan and black, and there are also printing spot colors

· post processing: post processing includes many processes, such as bronzing, bulge, if the sealing gasket is broken, it will help to improve the grade of printed matter

classification of printed matter

· classification of ultimate products

Office: refers to stationery, envelopes, office forms and other office related printed matter

publicity: refers to a series of printed materials related to enterprise publicity or product publicity, such as posters, leaflets, product manuals, etc

production: refers to large quantities of printed matter directly related to the production of products, such as packaging boxes, self-adhesive labels

· classified by printing machine

offset printing: refers to lithography, which is mostly used for paper printing in the rebate of four-color Jinan experimental machine

gravure printing: it refers to printing with gravure (generally refers to steel plate), which is mostly used for plastic printing

flexible is the only material printing with no reduction in strength: it refers to the use of flexible material plates (generally refers to resin plates, etc.), which are mostly used for self-adhesive printing. The first bid section of phase 1 project, which is generally contracted by Hangzhou Xiaogang, is under construction

silk printing: it can be printed on various materials, mostly used for gift printing, etc

· classified by material

paper printing: the most commonly used printing

plastic printing: it is mostly used for the printing of packaging bags

special materials: printing refers to the printing of glass, metal, wood, etc

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