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The swindler pretended to be the leader of the fire brigade, and the paint boss lost 20000 yuan.

Mr. Yang of Ganquan, Yan'an, has been in the paint business for five or six years. According to the common sense, the end of each year is the off-season of the paint business, but a few days ago, he suddenly received a self proclaimed leader of the fire brigade, who asked for more than 20 barrels of paint. As soon as he hung up, Mr. Yang began to settle accounts. At this time, he did not expect that he had been hooked by a liar, and a bigger trap was waiting for him not far away

at noon that day, Mr. Yang was waiting for business in the store, when he suddenly rang. When he picked it up, it turned out that there were big customers coming

Mr. Yang: he is the leader of the fire brigade in Ganquan County. They painted the house and asked me how much paint they needed for 3600 square meters. I calculated the need for 25 barrels and hung up. Mr. Yang began to order goods. At this time, it rang again. It was the man who claimed to be the leader of the fire brigade. This time, the other party wanted fire retardant. Mr. Yang said that he didn't sell it in his store. The other party said it didn't matter and had its own way

Mr. Yang: a total of 160 barrels, and then give me a manufacturer's, let me buy according to this brand

Mr. Yang thought that the fire broke out at home last year, thanks to the fire officers and soldiers in the county, because this wood-based panel experimental machine is also suitable for the detection of other materials in time. This time, people take care of their own business first. Mr. Yang was very grateful

Mr. Yang: I called the manufacturer, and they said that the barrel of this thing was 228, a total of more than 30000, so I called it all. I didn't have that much at that time, so I called 10000

after the payment, wait for the other party to pick up the goods. At this time, the third time, it was the man who claimed to be the leader of the fire brigade

Mr. Yang: their brother unit needs 120 barrels of fire retardant. I borrowed eightthousand, got twothousand on me, and called the manufacturer another tenthousand

from front to back, a total of 20000. After it was done, Mr. Yang thought that it was better to write out the invoice while waiting. At this time, a peer suddenly came, and the other party's words made Mr. Yang sweat

Mr. Yang: be careful to be cheated. Two days ago, two young men in fire brigade uniforms came to his store to buy fire retardant. He asked for a deposit. Those two small successful experiences were worth learning from, so he left

fire brigade! Flame retardant! Deposit! Mr. Yang's brain was buzzing. He dialed back and couldn't get through. The call you dialed has been transferred to China mobile call reminder service

contact the county fire brigade again, but the answer is the last thing he wants to hear: the fire brigade has not ordered paint, and someone must pretend to be their leader

Mr. Yang: I can't walk on the road, and I can't speak. At that time, it was true that you said we only earned twenty or thirty thousand a year

after the accident, Mr. Yang thought about it. If he had given ems-gray, the real leader of the fire brigade at that time: the heat resistance of the material was proportional to the temperature, and verified it, the later things might not have happened. And I trust so much because the liar knows too much

Mr. Yang: I called boss Yang. I also knew that the fire brigade wanted to buy paint. Knowing that I sold this thing, I suspected it was an acquaintance. I had been here before and stepped on it a little

at present, Mr. Yang has called the police. He said that seeing the Chinese New Year approaching, he also hoped that businesses like him would be more careful not to be fooled by swindlers

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