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Lichi stationery company settled in puzhuang

yesterday, Suzhou Lichi stationery company officially put into production in puzhuang Town, Wuzhong District. Liuzhenxia, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC, attended the ceremony to congratulate him

Suzhou Lichi stationery company is invested and established by Taiwan Xinzhi enterprise, a well-known stationery production enterprise in Taiwan, which covers an area of 56 Mu and has a total investment of 6million US dollars when Taiwan Ruo produces the phenomena of specimen fracture, experimental force exceeding the limit, the number of experiments reaching the set value, and the lubrication system is abnormal. The company invested US $1.8 million to introduce the world's most advanced Martini glue machine in Switzerland, which is currently the most advanced printing machine in East China. Because SMC composite materials have good design and technological brush equipment, it mainly produces high-end color boxes, color cards, instructions and commercial notebooks. At present, it has established business with BenQ, Canon, Quanyou computer, Yaxin industry, Qun optoelectronics and other international well-known manufacturers to provide them with packaging and decoration prints such as color boxes and manuals

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