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Liaoyuan Liuhua circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber teaching board various models

Liaoyuan Liuhua circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber teaching board various models

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Liaoyuan Liuhua circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber teaching board various models we professionally customize Liaoyuan Liuhua circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber teaching board various models. Design and manufacture the three-phase asynchronous double slot squirrel cage motor model of Haiyuan, Pucheng Francis turbine generator set model, and Meitan high voltage power transmission and transformation model. And landscape scene models have won the trust of tens of thousands of customers around the world over the years. Users can revise the experimental report according to their own requirements, and are committed to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with partners

various models of Liaoyuan Liuhua circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber teaching board. Cenxi arc extinguishing chamber unit model, Songzi LPG station whole process operation model, Anyang indoor power distribution device model, Pingyin double bus outgoing charged reactor power distribution device model

beautiful appearance. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, good linearity, reliable operation and convenient installation. Its performance is better than the general zero sequence current transformer and has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for electromagnetic relay protection, but also suitable for electronic and microcomputer protection devices. When the secondary side of the transformer is in an approximate short-circuit state and the output voltage is very low. In operation, if the secondary winding is open circuit or the primary winding flows abnormal current (such as lightning current, resonant overcurrent, capacitor charging current, inductive starting current, etc.), thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts will be generated on the secondary side. This not only causes harm to the insulation of the secondary system, but also causes the transformer to be excessively burned, and even endangers the life safety of operators. As early as 2016, it was the combination facility of electrical devices that exchange power and collect and distribute electric energy. It includes busbar, circuit breaker, disconnector, voltage transformer, current transformer and lightning arrester. The distribution device is arranged according to the requirements of the main electrical wiring of the substation, and its layout mode includes outdoor type and indoor type

so as to ensure the safety of secondary equipment and personnel. Different types of mutual inductors are also called instrument transformers, which are collectively referred to as current transformers and voltage transformers. It can change high voltage into low voltage and large current into small current for measurement or protection system. Its function is mainly to convert high voltage or large current into standard low voltage (100V) or standard small current (5a or 1a, both refer to rated value) in proportion, so as to realize the standardization and miniaturization of measuring instruments, protection equipment and automatic control equipment. At the same time, the transformer can also be used to separate high-voltage systems to ensure the safety of people and equipment. The transformer first appeared at the end of the 19th century. With the development of power industry, the voltage level and accuracy level of mutual inductors have been greatly improved. Many special mutual inductors have also been developed, such as voltage and current composite mutual inductors, DC current mutual inductors, high accuracy current ratio and voltage ratio, high current laser current mutual inductors, and electronic circuit compensation mutual inductors

and the long-term and short-term construction scale (including the number of circuit lines and transformer capacity), so that the construction of substation can strengthen the role of electricity and meet the needs of power supply. ② The construction of substation requires less land occupation, no or less arable land occupation, and try to use wasteland. In the layout of power distribution devices and the general layout of substations, measures should be taken to occupy less land. ③ According to the type of substation and the talent of Chinese enterprises to produce by themselves, it is found that the design scale of their own plastic extrusion machinery and its role in power supply determine the main electrical wiring to improve the reliability of power supply, and try to use simple main electrical wiring to reduce construction and operation costs. ④ The facilities in the substation must meet the requirements of safe operation and convenient maintenance. All electrical equipment prone to misoperation must be equipped with locking devices to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. The secondary side of the compensation device must not be open circuit, because once open circuit, the primary side current I1 will become magnetizing current, causing φ The sudden increase of M and E2 leads to the over saturation magnetization of the core, serious heating and even burnout of the coil

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