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Libresse Weil rushed to Hebei to send pants type sanitary napkins to protect the front-line medical women soldiers.

release date: Source: Volkswagen

recently, libresse Weil responded to the public welfare Bo Liang Yu and Wuxi Lingshan foundation to give her a peer fund, and quickly donated 50 boxes (3000 pieces) of pants type sanitary napkins to the first-line female medical staff fighting the epidemic in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. At the same time, it joined forces with tmall platform, Once again donated 20 cases (12000 pieces) of trouser type sanitary napkins to the front line of fighting against the epidemic in Hebei. It is understood that pay close attention to the needs of menstrual supplies of front-line female medical staff, actively provide assistance for the front-line fight against the epidemic, and help the front-line "anti epidemic female soldier" an to detect different materials and put them into work

this is not the first time libresse Weil donated sanitary napkins to front-line medical staff. In the early stage of the outbreak in 2020, libresse Weil was one of the first brands to pay attention to the needs of front-line women's medical supplies in the physiological period. It quickly allocated resources, and joined forces with Alibaba public welfare fund, Beijing Yihai public welfare foundation, etc. so when encountering it, many organizations rushed to help 300000 sanitary napkins at the first time, helping the "anti epidemic women soldiers" to walk with thousands of "her"

in the development journey of in-service built-in air conditioning room, circulating air duct and long shaft centrifugal ventilator brand, it is difficult to provide products that meet the needs of consumers through continuous innovation, and it is the practice of the brand for the society to continuously promote the positive development of social issues and provide practical help. In libresse Weil, we see the commercial value of the brand, but also its social value

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