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Application of printed high shrinkage film

at present, a large number of high shrinkage plastic films have entered the domestic packaging market of "the rest are hard bones", which are mainly used in shrinkage sleeve label, bottle cap and cap sealing, anti-theft tape and cluster packaging. Relevant experts estimate that the demand for shrink labels may grow at an annual growth rate of about 20% in the next five years

in addition to being used as labels, high shrinkage plastic films can also be applied to outer packaging. Because it can not only protect products, but also serve as an exquisite printed outer package to improve the shelf influence of products. At present, more and more packaging manufacturers use printed shrink film instead of traditional transparent film, because the former can improve the appearance performance of products that should be powered on regularly and facilitate product advertising. In order to meet the market demand, equipment suppliers are also trying to develop new equipment to produce shrink films to meet the needs of the market. For example, the LSK and SK series production lines produced by Italian SMI company can produce a variety of printing shrinkage films, which can be operated in single pass, double pass and three pass, and the packaging and molding process can be completed in stages

transfer and adjust the level of the experimental machine from: China Commercial Logistics

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