On the main ways and classification of nylon rods

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Discussion on the main ways and classification of nylon rod

nylon rod can be divided into extruded nylon rod and cast nylon rod (MC nylon rod) Extruding nylon bar is to plasticize and melt nylon chips in a plastic extruder The commonly used nylon materials for extruding nylon rods are nylon 6,661010 chips

nylon is characterized by good wear resistance and self-lubricating performance, and its friction absorption without oil lubrication is 0 3. It is about 1/3 of Bassil alloy and 1/4 of phenolic resin. It has high tensile strength, good chemical resistance and density of 1 14g/cm3 is a good material to replace steel with plastic The appearance is milky white translucent particles. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in chemical industry, machinery, hardware, textile, electrical, shipbuilding and steam cooling and thermal shock test box. At present, there are two kinds of vehicle industries, making wear-resistant parts such as gears, turbines, bearings, couplings, seals and village covers Users input "search engine"

nylon Poly has many excellent properties and integration, so the price is relatively expensive, which is higher than that of general plastics and engineering plastics At present, the common nylon bars in the market are mainly extruded nylon 6 bars and cast nylon bars There are also many fake polypropylene and polyethylene color matching nylon bars that will show defects when worn to a certain extent. This fake nylon bar is misleading to consumers because of its low price

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