On the people-oriented design of signs

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On the "people-oriented design" of signs (Part I)

[Abstract] starting from the sign design practice of Nanchang University Library, this paper discusses that the sign design should reflect the design idea of "people-oriented", in order to achieve the design purpose that the sign can "please" the "person" and the main "person" can recognize, remember and identify the sign

key words: Design: logo design; Design concept; People oriented

among the visual elements of enterprises, institutions and groups, signs are the most widely used and appear the most frequently. They are the core of integrating all visual design elements. The ultimate goal of logo design should be that the logo can "please" people, and the subject "people" can identify the logo and identify with the connotation of the logo, so that the logo has its significance. Starting from the practice of logo design in Nanchang University Library, this paper discusses the people-oriented design idea of logo design

In a broad sense, any symbol representing an enterprise, group, organization, company, manufacturer, conference, activity, commodity, etc. can be called a symbol. Among the visual elements of enterprises, logo is the most widely used and appears the most frequently. It is the core of integrating all visual design elements

enterprise logo is a visual symbol with simple shape, clear meaning and unified standard. It transmits the information of enterprise business philosophy, business content, enterprise scale and product characteristics to the public, so that the audience can identify the enterprise image and corporate culture. The so-called "love is in the meaning, meaning is beyond the words, and it is subtle. This is also a portrayal of the highly tempered and rich connotation of the logo. The logo of the Bank of China designed by designer Jin Daiqiang (see Figure 1a) has a" middle "word in the ancient" round "copper coin shape, like two locked doors, symbolizing safety and trustworthiness. The sign is concise and highly recognizable. The detection room is of full glass structure, profound connotation and strong personality

at the same time, corporate logo is the leading force to mobilize all visual elements of the enterprise, which constitutes the basic characteristics of corporate image. In addition, it reflects the internal quality of the enterprise and is the first visual element for the public to recognize the corporate brand. In today's China, the trend of Cx (enterprise identification) is popular all over the world, and a large number of institutions and groups are flocking to it. In order to personalize the corporate image and establish the corporate entity brand in the market, the logo design, as one of the central links of CI design, is particularly important. The new logo of China Telecom (see Figure 1b) has simple and simple overall shape, smooth lines and dynamic. The symbol is like open arms, a dynamic ox head and a flying dove of peace, with a strong sense of the times and visual impact. It shows the good wishes of China Telecom to keep pace with the times, work hard, flourish and strive to create a better life. T. Danielle wisson, the planning designer of PepsiCo Ci, said: "corporate logo is the first person of non-verbal communication, sometimes faster, more powerful and more accurate than verbal means of transmission, and has the characteristics of global recognition.

2" people-oriented "design practice

Nanchang University Library logo (see Figure 2), closely adhering to the" people-oriented "design principle, all circles have given positive comments on logo design, It has achieved good social effects and laid a solid foundation for the introduction of Library CI

2.1 "people-oriented" main body this kind of electromechanical adopts imitation signal control

1) the library takes the Second Entrepreneurship of Nanchang University as an opportunity to introduce Ci, so as to establish a new image of the library, establish a good library style, improve employees' sense of ownership and strengthen employees' sense of service. In the process of logo design, through investigation among all librarians and teachers and students of the school, it is established that the library training L (dedication, self-improvement and innovation) is the main line of design. The logo design has been recognized by all librarians and teachers and students of the University: the function of the library focuses on service, not negative service, and attracts readers to the library through high-quality and efficient service. Service is positive, open and innovative. Excellent service and brand-new mental outlook are the expression of self-improvement

2) the key to success lies in its execution. The implementation of signs is mainly reflected in three aspects: identification, identification and dissemination. Whether it is identification, identification or dissemination, there is only one subject of "event", that is "person". As for the target audience of the logo - "people", it is composed of two subjects: enterprise subject and market subject. Enterprise subject is enterprise employees, and market subject is consumer group. An enterprise logo can be regarded as a sign of success only if it can please and be recognized by these two people at the same time.

(1) Enterprise subject. The successful corporate logo is the concise visual symbol of corporate culture, which is loaded with the transmission of corporate philosophy and corporate mission. The core of corporate culture is the people-centered management thought. The purpose is to advocate and cultivate the enterprise spirit, mobilize the work enthusiasm of enterprise employees, enhance the enterprise ownership consciousness of employees, and strengthen the comprehensive quality of enterprises. Therefore, the design of the logo should be recognized by the employees, corporate culture, corporate mission and corporate philosophy, so as to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise. After all, employees are the core competitiveness of enterprises

(2) market players. The symbol of success is the carrier of enterprise business philosophy. The business philosophy of an enterprise is the social value of the enterprise, the goal pursued by the enterprise and the idea of enterprise management. Once consumers can agree with the business philosophy of the enterprise, the enterprise will be invincible in the market and establish a strong brand. Gome, which created the miracle of home appliance sales industry, is an example. Its business philosophy of "making profits to consumers" and "asking for profits from manufacturers" has been recognized by consumers, making it develop from an unknown small shop to a national super aircraft carrier with annual sales of nearly 30 billion in just 16 years. Therefore, the logo design should be able to resonate with consumers and identify with the business philosophy of enterprises, so as to enhance the competitiveness of products and enhance the brand image of enterprises

(to be continued)


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