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Eight illegal paper-making enterprises in Dongguan were shut down

in the special action for remediation of polluting enterprises carried out by the environmental protection department in Dongguan, Guangdong Province since June this year, eight paper-making enterprises were shut down due to excessive sewage discharge

according to the introduction, 124 paper-making enterprises have the largest wastewater discharge in Dongguan, accounting for 46.24% of the city's total wastewater discharge. There are more than 30000 employees in this industry, with an annual total output of more than 8 million tons of plastic and rubber products

it is understood that in recent months, the environmental protection department of Dongguan has sent more than 700 people to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the illegal acts of the paper industry in environmental protection approval, environmental protection acceptance, unauthorized expansion of production scale, increase of sewage discharge, and illegal discharge of wastewater, and a total of 34 illegal enterprises have been investigated and punished. The 8 enterprises that were shut down this time are those that still fail to meet the standards within the limit period

it is also reported that in order to make a unified plan for the city's huge paper-making industry, Dongguan has built a paper-making environmental protection professional base in Zhongtang Town, where the industry is relatively concentrated. At present, the base has completed the planning and the preparation of the environmental protection report. The base will integrate existing paper-making enterprises, uniformly plan and design sewage pipes, comprehensively rectify existing pollution prevention and control facilities, uniformly adopt biochemical technology, and undertake new straightening devices: the most common type of plastic extrusion waste is the eccentric establishment of large paper-making enterprises, enforce the implementation of reclaimed water reuse in accordance with the regulations, and comprehensively implement cleaner production audit, etc. It is said that after the completion of the base, the sewage treatment rate of enterprises in the base will reach 100%, the sewage discharge will be reduced by half, and the discharge of major pollutants such as sulfur dioxide will be significantly reduced

information source: South China

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