Qibin group organized the first central China glas

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Qibin group organized and held the first central China glass manufacturers' seminar

201. This verification experiment was jointly implemented with Ford Motor Company of the United States and the Department of energy (DOE) of the United States. On February 27, 2003, the first central China glass manufacturers' market seminar organized by Qibin group was held in Ningxiang County, Changsha City. Leaders of Wuhan Changli, Wuhan Dangyang, Wuhan Yijun, Wuhan Mingda, Jiangxi Pingxiang, Zhangshu Hongyu, Henan Zhonglian, Guangxi Nanning, Jingmen Shayang Mingda, Shanxi Taiyuan, Chenzhou Bada, Qibin group and other manufacturers attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by liushuqiang, general manager of Marketing Management Department of Qibin group

at the meeting, general manager liushuqiang, on behalf of Qibin group, extended a warm welcome to the principals of the manufacturers, and hoped that once the cards were added, they would only be able to re purchase the strong cooperation, so as to jointly maintain the healthy and orderly development of the market in Central China

subsequently, representatives of all participating units exchanged their basic information on production, sales, inventory, etc. at the meeting, jointly studied and analyzed the current market information of glass, deeply discussed the future development trend and market development prospect, and reached a price consensus on the recent central China glass market. Through this meeting, the exchange and cooperation among glass enterprises were strengthened, the Qibin group was better publicized, and the overall image of the company was displayed. At the same time, the high intrinsic value of aluminum waste in guangdatong made its recycling economically attractive. The industry had a better understanding of Qibin group

general manager liushuqiang delivers a speech

delegates present at the meeting have in-depth exchanges

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