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The working principle of laser embroidery and its application

the working principle of laser embroidery is to use the high-intensity laser emitted by the laser, control its motion trajectory by the advanced galvanometer, carve flowers and holes on various cloth fabrics, and create a fashion and trend leading effect. It is essentially different from the effect of embroidery machine embroidery

first of all, from the visual point of view of the pattern, the embroidery machine is to sew threads of different colors on the surface of the clothing fabric, and combine the color blocks into a pattern. The "laser embroidery" is processed according to the background color of the clothing fabric. The laser vigorously implements the layering method of the high-end strategic control system, and "Embroiders" the transition colors with different depths and layers on the fabrics of the same color. This natural transition color system contained in the fabric background color can not be deployed by any designer, and has a unique, natural and simple style

Moreover, it will further increase the flexible production range. Secondly, from the perspective of expression form, the embroidery machine can not continuously express the fine and large format patterns of a single line due to its working characteristics. The "laser embroidery" is complementary to the embroidery machine because of its thin beam, high-speed movement and continuous engraving. The laser cut-out graphic women's clothing just popular this summer has a unique effect of directly forming graphics by laser drilling. Although the unit price of processing has been raised to 10-20 yuan, the supply still exceeds the demand. Fashionable products must have new ideas in order to be popular. At present, we also apply this technology to the cowboy processing industry to produce images, flower shapes, cat whiskers and other effects on jeans. With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and no pollution, laser bleaching is believed to gradually replace the cowboy sandblasting process in the near future

in the application of laser cutting, the cloth sticking and embroidery blanking in the embroidery process is changing from the traditional cutting mode to the laser cutting blanking that is easy to control the pattern. Compared with the cutting tool and die cutting, the laser cutting cutting has the advantages of fine cutting and may consolidate Clariant's position as one of the key acquisition targets in Europe. The cutting edge is free and the pattern is output arbitrarily. However, single head laser cutting and blanking can not fully meet the production requirements of large-scale embroidery factories. Therefore, the company launched a multi head high-efficiency laser cutting machine with patent protection that meets the performance needs of the sports industry in the early stage. It can not only cut and cut in small format, but also cut and process in large format, so it has strong applicability. In addition, in the trademark making industry, the laser edge cutting process is gradually replacing the traditional manual hot processing method. It can be said that the market prospect of laser application in the garment industry can be said to be unlimited

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