He was fined for stealing stones from the park due

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Some people who love to take advantage of small things and steal public facilities for their personal interests. On March 21, the people's Court of Xinye County concluded a theft crime. Three people, including suspect Cao, were fined 2000 yuan each for stealing Park stones

in May 2015, Cao, fan and Li drove a van to the Baihe Wetland Park in Xinye County, and stole 45 pieces of granite stones placed in the park by Xinye municipal company for the floor of Cao's kitchen. After identification, the stolen items are worth 2700 yuan. After the incident, Cao compensated the Xinye County municipal company 2700 yuan

the people's Court of Xinye county held that Cao and other three people stole other people's property for the purpose of illegal possession, and their behavior constituted theft. According to relevant laws and regulations, the above judgment was made

source: Nandu Morning Post (reporter: Wang Chaorong, correspondent: Zhang Yanbo, he Xia)





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