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How should I check up on the brand? The content of brand physical examination should include the examination of brand environment, property and capital, which can be divided into several parts:

first, there is a set of high standard principles for the physical examination of brand image, the visual image of the store, the display method of goods in the store, the plan of the official website, the quality of employees, the company culture, etc. the company will regularly inspect these to ensure that the best side of the company appears for the masses

second, as for the physical examination of brand positioning, there are strict requirements on the commodity plan. Whether the commodity plan is common and whether the quality is high-end have a set of perfect specifications. In addition, from time to time, the company conducts self-examination on the main digesting groups of commodities and the position of the solid wood industry, so as to ensure that the company has been carrying out in the planned direction

third, with regard to the physical examination of brand property, we regularly make statistics on the sales profit of dealers, the increase or decrease of land and plants, mobile property, brand awareness and loyalty, market share, brand value-added and other data details, so as to make the development of the company clear at a glance

fourth, there are certain plans for the physical examination of brand capital, the reasonable planning of the number and regional distribution of dealers, the interaction between the company and dealers, the capital sharing with other companies, the advertising investment and audience recognition, and the acceptance of the brand. The company conducts regular physical examination to see whether the development deviates from the original development track, and timely correct it or find ways to carry out it more quickly

fifth, as for the physical examination of brand management, we should consider the team creativity and execution, promotion forms and ways, staff training investment, differentiated operation of regional malls, investment promotion objectives and investment promotion processes, so as to manage the company in an orderly manner

this is a general physical examination project for door and window enterprises. There are detailed specifications under each physical examination specification to analyze the operation of the company in every detail. When the company conducts brand physical examination, it will also open it according to different seasons, applicable regions and different dealer characteristics. The most important thing is to follow the mall. Shopping malls are the eternal orientation of the company

of course, each company's operation, handling system and company strength are different, and the physical examination items are also different, but the meaning and concept of brand regular physical examination are unchanged, all for the company to stay away from sub-health and better develop in the process of development. If the planners of every aluminum alloy door and window enterprise all understand the importance of regular physical examination of the company and actively adjust the company, then all aluminum alloy door and window industries are expected to develop in a healthier direction





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