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On October, 2010, the national low voltage electrical apparatus Standardization Committee (sac/t C189), the national low voltage equipment insulation coordination Standardization Committee (sac/tc417) and the national fuse Standardization Committee (sac/tc340) held a working meeting of the 2010 low voltage electrical apparatus Standardization Committee in Nanjing Sac/tc411 jointly held the working meeting and standard review meeting of sac in Nanjing. The meeting was attended by 131 people from 102 units, including the leaders of the superior standardization competent department, the leaders of the units responsible for the Secretariat of the Standardization Committee, the members and representatives of each standardization committee, and the representatives of the units participating in the compilation of standards

the meeting was presided over by yintianwen, chairman of the low standard committee and assistant to the president of Shanghai Electric Appliance Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., who deducted R & D and amortization expenses (about 90million euros respectively) and foreign exchange impact of about 80million euros (negative 4%). Tanxiangning, director of the standards division of China Machinery Industry Federation, Zeng Yanhong, deputy director of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, xingheping, director of the fifth product division of China Quality Certification Center, and other leaders attended the meeting. The leaders affirmed the previous work of the Standardization Committee of the two lithium salts, whose output accounts for 64% of the country, and gave important instructions for the future work

each Standardization Committee organized its members and representatives to review and discuss the standard documents submitted at the meeting. A total of 5 standards were reviewed and formed review opinions, which were submitted to the members and representatives of the Standardization Committee for unanimous approval

in addition, the Secretariat of the standardization committee also organized the participants to participate in the activities of the 6th China Intelligent Electrical Technology Forum in 2010, listened to the thematic reports on intelligent electricity and intelligent electrical appliances, and provided more opportunities for the members of the standardization committee to understand and exchange information about the development of power technology. The meeting was a complete success. (national low voltage apparatus Standardization Technical Committee)

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