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The provincial National Electronic Information Industry Park (base) construction meeting was held in Xuchang on December 2, Henan Provincial Department of information industry organized and held the National Electronic Information Industry Park (base) construction meeting in Xuchang. The meeting summarized and exchanged the experience and practice of the application and construction of the provincial National Electronic Information Industrial Park, and commended the advanced workers in the application and construction of the electronic information industrial park. National and provincial 3 The color screen electronic tensile testing machine can set a constant elongation value to measure various properties of materials. The main work of the Electronic Information Industry Park (base) in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and the first year of next year. Sufugong, director of the Provincial Information Industry Department, and zhangdaling, inspector of the provincial development and Reform Commission, attended and spoke. Zhangzhenyu, deputy director of the Provincial Information Industry Department, presided over the meeting

in May this year, the Ministry of Information Industry approved the first batch of 31 national electronic information industrial parks in China. Xuchang, Xinxiang and Anyang in Henan Province were listed on the list. Together with the previously approved Zhengzhou National Information Security Product R & D base, the province has four national electronic information industrial parks (bases), ranking first in the central and western regions. At the same time, Henan Province will start the application and identification of six provincial electronic information industrial parks in the first quarter of next year. It is understood that the 10 electronic information industrial parks (bases) are mainly built by relying on the high-tech development zones or economic development zones of each city and adopting the virtual mode of regional configuration combining the park in the park, the district in the park and the park outside the park, almost covering more than 90% of the total amount and scale of the information industry of the other production line completed by the province in 2016. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, Henan Province will expand the scale of advantageous products in the information industry, extend the industrial chain, and vigorously develop the electronic information manufacturing industry through the construction of 10 electronic information industrial parks (bases), so that the information industry can maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 25%

At the meeting, maowanchun, mayor of Xuchang City, introduced the situation of Xuchang City and briefly explained the idea of building digital Xuchang by relying on the construction of the national (Xuchang) power electronics system industrial park. Zhangzhenyu read out the decision of the Provincial Information Industry Department on Commending the advanced workers who applied for and built the electronic information industry park. Responsible comrades from Xuchang, Xinxiang, Anyang and Zhengzhou reported on their respective practices in building national electronic information industrial parks (bases) and the preparation of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan for average temperature in furnace"

the meeting put forward several requirements on how to do a good job in the next step of the construction of industrial parks (bases) in the province: first, we should clarify our ideas, clarify the key points and intensify our work. The scientificoutlookondevelopment should be carried through the whole process of Industrial Park (base) construction during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period. With the Industrial Park (base) as the starting point and the implementation of large projects as the means, its unique locking and riveting process can realize the connection of materials of different materials, thicknesses and strengths. It will become a highlight of this "exhibition area of automobile lightweight achievements", give full play to its comparative advantages, highlight industrial characteristics, expand industrial scale and form industrial clusters, We will strive to achieve the goal of "no one has what he has, no one has what he is good at, and no one is good at what he is good at", and make advantageous industries and characteristic products bigger, stronger and better. Second, we should further improve institutions, improve management functions, implement supporting policies, and consolidate the foundation for the construction and development of industrial parks (bases). Third, we should seize opportunities, focus on improving the investment environment, increase investment attraction, vigorously implement the strategy of driving large projects, and accelerate the pace of industrial agglomeration. Fourth, establish and improve the performance appraisal mechanism, improve the management system, and ensure the standardized and orderly development of the park (base)

at the meeting, wangjinian, chairman and President of XJ Group, and zhangxinping, chief engineer of the science and Technology Department of XJ Group and deputy director of the Administrative Committee Office of Xuchang power electronics system Industrial Park, were awarded the title of "advanced worker in applying for and building the electronic information industrial park"

during the meeting, the Provincial Information Industry Department organized all the participants to visit Xuchang national power electronics industrial park and enterprises such as Xuji group, Xuji elevator company, Henan sunshine optical cable company, Xuchang Tobacco machinery company, and they gave high praise to the construction of the national (Xuchang) power electronics subsystem Industrial Park

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