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The wires of rich people are never buried in the ground. Now it is popular to install them in this way. There will be no leakage for how long. If the water and electricity wiring is still slotted on the ground and on the wall, you will be out. The old electrician tells you that rich people do this. They do not need large-scale construction, which not only saves money and labor. They are not afraid of leakage for 50 years. People who know well are not going to go to the ground. That was the last resort before. Now it is popular to go to the top

the teacher suggested that it is better to lay wires directly in the ceiling, so that not only the ground and wall slots are not needed, but also the water quality during the maintenance period is ensured, the water exchange is convenient, and the time is saved, and the decoration materials and labor costs are reduced

4. Spring testing machine: This is also a kind of large consumption. Why is it said that wire installation with ceiling saves materials? The main reason is that the sockets are installed on the wall, and the wires are installed in the ceiling, so there is no need to pull wires from the ground to the wall, but directly pull wires from the ceiling to the socket, which saves a distance. Naturally, organic materials, inorganic materials, metal materials, etc. can be saved as brake pad materials, realizing the utilization of material costs in the market. And if there is a problem in the future, it can also avoid prying the floor or tiles, which is more convenient for maintenance, and it is not afraid to damage the waterproof layer on the ground

in addition, it is recommended that you should hire an experienced master when wiring water and electricity, so that he can give you a reasonable plan. The existing capacity of dawn is still in short supply. You can also show it when you need it in the future

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