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The wk-35 large mining excavator produced by Taizhong group was officially put into operation. According to the electromechanical home, a user of Taizhong group in Shaanxi held a grand ribbon cutting ceremony on the morning of December 2, marking the official operation of the wk-35 large mining excavator produced by Taizhong group in its open pit coal mine. The main leaders of the user attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, and relevant principals of Taizhong group technology center, mining equipment branch, marketing center and other units were invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony

the wk-35 mining excavator delivered this time is the first large-scale conditioning mining equipment provided by Taizhong group for Shaanxi users to complete the experiment speed of open-pit coal mines. The design and manufacturing of the whole machine have adopted the most advanced new technologies, new materials and new processes in the world, which has become another milestone in the arduous journey of Taizhong group's mining equipment in "expanding new markets and making new breakthroughs"

before that, the relevant technical personnel of the user had visited the operation site of wk-35 excavator users for many times to conduct on-the-spot investigation on equipment usage, production efficiency, after-sales service, spare parts supply support, clinical utilization research and product development. On the basis of further technical exchanges with Taizhong group, the user representatives made a comprehensive comparison and analysis with similar foreign excavators in terms of equipment structure, technical parameters and economic effects. They believed that wk-35 excavator had excellent performance, its performance, quality, service team and spare parts supply were fully satisfied with the working conditions under the support of irrigation technology, and was superior to similar foreign products, In the end, the large open-pit mine of Taizhong group has also experienced simple manual control and swing hammer force measuring equipment as the first choice for its own equipment procurement

the operation of wk-35 excavator not only strengthened the in-depth cooperation between the two sides, but also played an exemplary role in the follow-up cooperation between enterprises in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. At the same time, it is also of great significance for Taizhong group to expand the market share of wk series excavators and promote the transformation of the company's growth mode from "quantitative model" to "quality benefit model"

hanzhentang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Taizhong group, stressed the need to adhere to reform and innovation, promote the upgrading of traditional products to the direction of high reinforcement, light weight, intelligence and green, and pointed out that mining equipment should take excavators as the core product, form a smart green semi continuous mining equipment supply capacity, and realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional business segments

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