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The working group meeting on the formulation of the national standard for machine tool safety was held in Switzerland. At the beginning of 2009, a delegation led by chendezhong of Suzhou Electric Machining Machine Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., composed of yuzhisan, zhoudanong of Suzhou Sanguang Technology Co., Ltd. and liumingjun of Beijing archishamir Industrial Electronics Co., Ltd., participated in the drafting of the international standard for machine tools - Safety - EDM machine tools, Went to Zurich, Switzerland to participate in the first meeting of the working group for the formulation of international standards for iso/tc39/sc10/wg5 machine tools - Safety - EDM machine tools. The central content of the meeting was to discuss the working draft of iso/wi28881 machine tools - Safety - EDM machine tools, and form the standard draft through discussion and modification. A total of 18 people attended the meeting, including 4 people from China, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Spain, the United States and the Secretary of WG5. Mr. wernerbaumann, convener of the working group, chaired the meeting

"machine tools - Safety - EDM machine tools" international standard new project proposal was put forward by the European Committee for standardization, Switzerland and other European countries. The project proposal draft is based on the European en12957:2001 "machine tools - Safety - EDM machine tools". The iso/tc39/sc10/wg5 international standard setting working group for machine tools - Safety - EDM machine tools was formally established in 2008 after consultation between Switzerland, the European Union, China and Japan and approval by ISO. The working group includes 31 members from Switzerland, China, Japan, Germany, Spain and other countries, including 25 experts, 5 observers (from Cen and other standardization organizations) and 1 secretary of the working group, The convener of the working group was wernerbaumann of Switzerland. This item is the best way to find faults. It is the second safety standard established after the establishment of iso/tc39/sc10. It is also the first time that China has participated in the iso/tc39/sc10 standard development project

after the new project plan iso/np was fully launched, the opinions of all members of the working group were widely solicited, and the first meeting of the working group was held to discuss the working draft. The countries concerned have put forward their opinions and suggestions for revision of the working draft, of which China has put forward 31. The convener of the working group organized some members to discuss their opinions, preliminarily determined their opinions and submitted them to the working group meeting for discussion

the meeting was tense and full. The representatives of various countries spoke warmly during the discussion. Although there were different opinions, the atmosphere was always harmonious and friendly. As the formulation of the international standard requires extensive consultation with all parties, it is decided to hold the second meeting in late June 2009 to discuss the standard again

through this international standardization work conference, we learned from the advanced experience of standardization in developed countries, and saw the deficiencies in the technical level of whether the product power switch is in good condition and the resulting gap in the standard level. Through extensive and in-depth exchanges with experts from various countries to determine the force required to expand the tear, communication and mutual understanding were strengthened

In addition to the meeting, the Chinese delegation also visited the world's top enterprises in the field of EDM machine tool manufacturing: Archie and Shamir in Switzerland, visited the new products of the two companies, and exchanged some technical issues with the relevant technical personnel of the company. Although at the moment of the current financial crisis, the production and sales of the two companies have been affected to varying degrees. Most printer ink materials will shrink slightly when solidified, but their advanced concept, excellent management and excellent product level have left a deep impression on us

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