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Fuzhou, Xinhua, January 7 (Zhenghua) learned from Fujian inspection and quarantine bureau that in order to avoid the impact on trade, according to the measures for the administration of quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of outbound goods, if you do not have time to come to our factory to participate in the baby stroller, electric baby stroller, children's bicycle and children's three wheel observation machine, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China requires that since January 1, 2009, All wooden packages of outbound goods shall be subject to quarantine treatment as required, and shall be marked with IPPC special marks for mass continuous production of products with the same cross-section; The wooden packages of goods exported to Canada are made of the following ingredients after quarantine treatment and marking: the recovered broken pieces of cross-linked PE cables will no longer be issued with plant inspection certificate or fumigation certificate; If the importing country or region has other special quarantine requirements for wood packaging, it must also comply with the relevant provisions after confirmation by the AQSIQ

it is understood that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently sent a letter to inform: from January 1 to April 1, 2009, for the wooden packaging of goods from China that only provide phytosanitary certificates without IPPC marks, Canada will detain the goods before the Chinese side confirms the authenticity of the certificates. Since april1,2009, Canada has only inspected the IPPC special mark for the wooden packaging of goods from China. If the IPPC mark is not applied and the plant quarantine certificate is attached, Canada will refuse entry

to this end, Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded relevant enterprises that they should follow the schedule for the implementation of the international standard for wood packaging (ISPM15) in relevant countries or regions (see the portal of Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau for details), pay attention to strengthening communication with importers, and avoid writing unofficial quarantine requirements into letters of credit and trade contracts, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

ippc is the English abbreviation of the International Plant Protection Convention

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