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All the winning works in the competition are innovative and practical.

sponsored by the Bureau of Shanghai WorldExpo coordination, and co organized by Shanghai xinshiao, Junyao, Jiushi company, etc., the 2008 licensed gas spring fatigue machine for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, China, through the method of high force measurement, has a general accuracy of level 1 or level 2. From the start of last August to the end of last November, 718 design works were collected. Many of the award-winning works in the competition combine innovation and practicality, which not only conforms to the theme of the Expo City, making life better, but also adds beauty and novelty to our lives

among the works that won the excellent originality award is a paper chair bag, which is made of a kind of tough cardboard and is very light. Its shape is very distinctive. It is not only like a lady's satchel, but also like a stool. I sat down on the spot and felt very strong. There was no danger of collapse. Walking is a satchel and stopping is a stool. Maybe there will be such a unique scenery in next year's WorldExpo

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