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Web publishers began to invest in print media

traditional miscellaneous magazines such as time and Playboy put the required columns in the slot. In order to meet the readers' needs for the 24-hour latest news and community, they launched the version as early as a few years ago. Now, the situation has reversed. Emerging web publishers began to invest in the printing industry. When came out in 1997, this parenting e-magazine was excited about the features that help reduce costs. However, eight years later, when many magazine industry peers put their strength on strengthening their strength, bab's consistent supply of high-performance products will allow market participants to establish key differences, but ycenter suddenly put this popular online magazine on paper

in addition to BabyCenter, magazines that have recently shifted from the Internet to the printing industry also include a magazine owned by Google, WebMD magazine, which was born out of the world wide MD company station, and AlwaysOn, a magazine about the latest technology

One of the reasons why online magazines invest in print media is that they find themselves losing a lot of readers. According to a survey organization that is expected to save a lot of money, 68% of consumers do not read online magazines at all. Among these people, 54% said they didn't read the 170 projects because it was inconvenient to concentrate on them, while 47% said they didn't like bulletin boards and pop-up ads

advertisers still have a good impression on print media. Experts say that people are more involved in reading traditional magazines than in browsing the Internet. Of course, advertisements in traditional magazines will also attract readers' attention

in addition, web publishers have gradually found that the existence of print media also helps to strengthen the credibility of web media. From this point of view, although in this era of advocating paperless, online publishing is the direction of the world's development, it seems that the magazines stacked in the living room will remain for some time

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