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Proofing: improve the software level of packaging and printing industry

soft proofing can also be called screen proofing, analog proofing or proofing. However, no matter how it is called, its ultimate goal is to achieve intuitive and global proofing, shorten the production cycle, avoid rework, reduce costs, and have the characteristics of fast transmission

when using traditional proofing, the printing and transmission of real proofing samples will increase the production cycle and potential errors, while the soft proofing based on workflow is different. It can obtain accurate color samples on the calibrated computer screen under specific lighting conditions

for packaging design, there is a strong need to reduce the time spent before goods are launched, because every day when goods are not on the shelf means that goods Miss sales, so it is very valuable to prove the rapid confirmation of soft proofing. In addition, when designing the packaging, there are always many customers who need to see the sample sheets. They need to check whether the packaging meets the requirements of food labels, shelf aesthetics, text requirements, etc. If soft proofing is adopted, you can browse the samples in different places at the same time, and annotate, sign and confirm them, so as to save time

soft proofing technology can complete the task of proofing, but its success depends on the good training of operators and the relationship between proofers and customers. On whether the screen proofing has the standard of traditional hard proofing, the standard of contract proofing is based on the need of live parts, which is shown by a large number of experiments

the basic form of screen proofing is to send PDF files as attachments to e-mail, and using PDF files for signature confirmation is no longer a new thing. Now, some new tools, such as the remote monitoring software of integrated

colorsolutions (1Cs), the dialogue software of dalim software company, and the matchprint virtual proofing software of Kodak poly light, have enabled multiple customers to browse the same file and annotate it. This is the proofing method we call "collaborative soft proofing"

soft proofing for packaging and printing

in fact, whether soft proofing is suitable for the packaging workflow depends on the requirements of packaging and the need to copy the substrate (paper bag, cardboard or aluminum foil), as well as the outline of the packaging required for online production. For example, some customers need to make a new shape on the existing substrate. In this case, the packaging designer only needs to use the same material to redesign the shape. In addition, for the application in the pharmaceutical industry, it is only necessary to change the text and image on the existing label to meet the new requirements of the regulations. In these cases, you can easily complete the contract proofing. However, it is undeniable that as the requirements of live parts become more and more complex, the lack of soft proofing is also reflected, especially in the issue of color

the primary task of the packaging industry is to reduce the labor force and the production time before the commodity goes on the market. Under this main framework, the center of packaging proofing is to accurately reproduce the color with non primary color ink and the compatibility of soft proofing system with the file formats commonly used in the packaging industry

it is more about specific live parts. Some soft proofing systems cannot accurately reproduce a certain spot color, or there are problems in processing documents in the packaging industry. In these cases, there is a strong debate about whether to use soft proofing systems to check the content of live parts

the key is the proofing control

it is very obvious that the harmony color soft proofing system depends on the selection of the display and, related, on the calibration software used by the display. Some monitors have a good ability to display a wide color gamut stably and accurately, which is necessary when browsing the colors mixed by non CMYK primary color inks

obviously, it is feasible to use the screen soft proofing system to print the contracted proofing of color and content, but the printing effect largely depends on the relationship between the proofing company and the customer, that is, the customer's understanding of the limitations of this proofing method in color, and the realization of the internal printing control program of the system by the proofing company. Once the proofing company makes the tools such as print control and soft proofing work normally, soft proofing will bring remarkable business opportunities to the company

another very important job is to control the light source in a beautiful environment. Senior technical experts from Kodak Imaging Group said that when installing the matchprint virtual proofing system, they will carefully train customers to view the color of the sample in a suitable environment

if the operator 2 Reduce measurement error) it is completely possible to conduct appropriate sample viewing training and obtain screen proofing of contract quality. The corresponding return is to be able to effectively cooperate and communicate with each member of the supply chain, and the work that previously took several days to complete will be achieved in a few hours

the key to the development of the packaging industry towards soft proofing is training

for packaging designers, a very good news is that there are many kinds of soft proofing tools available on the market. Well known production process suppliers include Agfa, Creo, EFI, Heidelberg, screen, etc. they can provide soft proofing solutions and add-on components

soft proofing technology can indeed complete very complex packaging applications, print them out, and eliminate intermediate steps as much as possible, but the question is whether our packaging design enterprises are ready? If we extremeize the soft proofing technology and tell customers that we only deal with electronic documents, then the answer is definitely not good. The realistic approach is that soft proofing and traditional proofing coexist

the widely accepted basis of soft proofing technology is the improvement of trust between printing companies and their customers. In this way, the remaining obstacle is no longer a technical problem, but a cultural and psychological problem of the expanding market for wood packaging materials

the key to the application of soft proofing in the packaging industry is training to improve the use ability of operators and customers. The training content includes: under what environment should the display be placed and when calibration is required; How to use the tools of the application to annotate the sample on the calibrated display, how to ensure the consistency of the sample, and so on

reviewing the history of proofing, we will find that people are always persuaded by new technologies, because they will save time and cost for users and meet the accurate reproduction of live parts with strict color requirements of customers. Soft proofing technology is the same, but we are still in a transitional period

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