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United States: the web printing market is hot, software developers benefit

printui software company in the United States recently announced that its web printing service application system has reached 50 partners. Printui was founded by the former senior executives of adobe, a famous manufacturer of graphics, images and typesetting software. The software is mainly used for image brand management, customized marketing and production of personalized products, including brochures, signs, advertisements, etc. Printui allows customers around the world to customize the parting surface and gate materials of web printing, which is flexible in design, convenient in use, and conducive to the unified management of corporate image

it is reported that printui has reached 50 enterprise customers only 18 months after its launch. Printui software company was founded in 2012 and promoted the transformation and upgrading of many industries. It was jointly founded by former Adobe executives and printing industry experts. Headquartered in the United States, Santa Cruz, California, which will emerge in the future market, is a network printing cloud service system. Printui provides front-end links of web printing, such as design software, design templates, etc., so that users can customize billboards, banners, personalized stationery, invitations, business cards, recipes and other personalized products. Printui said that the software can maximize the use of resources and improve the online printing process

in the supply market, there are many suppliers that launch web printing solutions. In addition to printui, there are Heidelberg, HP, Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, EFI, etc. there are also a large number of IT enterprises developing web printing platforms in China. In the application market, the number of printing enterprises involved in online printing is also increasing, but so far, domestic online printing enterprises that place 1 glass slide on the stage have not been very successful, but suppliers that provide online printing solutions have benefited a lot. How to realize the essence of web printing and establish an automated prepress process and standardized operation specifications for enterprises remains to be practiced and explored by printing enterprises

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