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On November 25th, 2003, there is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry. The General Administration of publication of the people's Republic of China held an expert review meeting on the professional standards of printers in Beijing. Li Yingli, director of the Department of human resources and education of the General Administration of bone tissue repair, Li Chen, deputy director of the Department of printing and reproduction management, Chen Xu, director of the employment training and guidance center of the Ministry of labor and social security, and other leading comrades attended the meeting and spoke

this expert review meeting was hosted by the Department of human resources and education of the General Administration of publication to review the two professional standards of "plate maker" and "plate printer" prepared by the China printing and Imaging Association. The experts hired to participate in the review are: Liu Yusheng, a senior engineer of the former PLA Academy of Surveying and mapping, Liu haoxue, a professor of Beijing Printing Institute, song Yuzhe, a professor of China printing and Imaging Association, Jin Yinhe, a former professor of Beijing Printing Institute, Zheng Dehai, an editor of the former China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, Hu Xinrong, a senior engineer of Beijing Printing Group Co., Ltd., integrity, Gu Zhichang, an engineer, and the editor in chief of silk printing magazine Associate researcher peiguifan

in 2015, China imported 135 million tons of non-ferrous metals. In order to enter the market, many enterprises, such as "plate makers" and "plate printers", made normative requirements for the working ability of primary, middle and senior plate makers and printers according to the work content of plate making and printing, and the employees engaged in plate making and printing activities, received vocational education and vocational skill appraisal, And the basic basis for the employment and use of printing plant personnel. The formulation and implementation of this national vocational standard with vocational skills as the core will certainly promote the development of China's printing labor market and the improvement of workers' quality. The national occupational standard will be revised repeatedly and issued and implemented by the Ministry of labor and social security

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