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Internet publishing and traditional publishing industry (I)

interconnection, as a revolutionary productivity tool, has been most fully reflected in the publishing industry. At present, people are dazzled by the Luo economy. Luo and e-commerce are launching waves of shock waves to traditional media and traditional economy. For many young people who will be held accountable, "mouse" has replaced books, newspapers, paper and pens. A person in the American IT industry announced that in 20 years, books and printing will be sent to museums. The implication is to replace books with networks. It does sound like tachycardia

at present, although the traditional books represented by paper media still occupy a leading position in today's publishing industry, the Internet is entering the field of book publishing with its rapid development momentum. The Internet publishing, publishing and sales of books based on the Internet has shown its good development momentum, impacting the traditional publishing mode, and the traditional publishing industry is facing unprecedented challenges

I. The concept of online publishing

online publishing refers to the behavior of publishing institutions with legal publishing qualifications to publish and sell digital publications with the international Internet as the carrier and circulation channel

network publishing came into being with the development of Internet technology. Compared with paper book (p-book for short), it is completely different from the books with pictures, words and bound books generated by printing on paper by printing machine. From foreign discussions, online publishing generally refers to e-book and print on demand (POD)

"printing on demand" has great advantages. It makes zero inventory, personalized customization, cost saving and so on become a reality. It is also the most natural connection between traditional publications and online publications. For example, Amazon Bookstore provides digital printing services, which does not need to go through the processes of plate making and printing. The printing quality is high, and the printing cost of a single book is fixed. In China, "on-demand printing" has appeared. For example, Shanghai Century Publishing Group launched the business of "on-demand printing" this year, but at present, digital printed books are several times more expensive than ordinary printed books, and it is estimated that the market will not be too large. Therefore, this paper will not discuss "on-demand printing" for the time being, but only electronic books (e-books)

second, the advantages of online publishing

the surging online publishing on the one hand is due to some advantages of online itself. More importantly, online publishing has effectively stimulated the weakening book market. The use of online publishing can enable those who are busy with their daily work and have no time to buy books in bookstores to taste books suitable for their own tastes without leaving home. From this point of view, it is by taking advantage of its own advantages that online has tapped out potential readers in those corners that traditional books cannot reach, effectively expanding the publishing market

compared with traditional publishing, online publishing has incomparable advantages in many aspects, such as:

1. Saving resources

paper publications consume a lot of forest resources and cause serious environmental pollution. At present, online publishing is just a mode of online publishing, which has not yet broken away from the traditional physical carrier. But in the future, the final product of online publishing is electronic books (e-books). It will completely abandon the traditional mode, make books fully downloaded and distributed, completely realize paperless publishing, and revolutionize the form, circulation and settlement of publishing, thus saving social resources, Reduce environmental pollution (save trees, reduce environmental pollution generated in the process of papermaking, printing and transportation, etc.). From this perspective, online publishing will be a real green industry

2. Publishing and distribution are carried out synchronously

e-books have actually realized the distribution in the traditional sense while online publishing, which makes the true sense of zero inventory a reality. According to the analysis of professionals, e-book is the most suitable commodity for circulation at present. The characteristics of no logistics and always sufficient inventory are the hottest selling points of e-book

3. avoid out of print

online publishing can make it easier to publish works with important academic value and cultural accumulation value. No matter how long you want to read books, you can download them from the Internet or order them through the Internet. It can be said that online publishing makes publishing truly a publishing without out of print

(moreover, the new publishing mode of "printing on demand" can not only meet the readers' habit of reading paper books, but also add new marketing methods to publishers and bookstores.)

4. Low price

for example, in the test process, because online publishing is directly oriented to readers, it reduces the expenditure of publishers, bookstores and other intermediate links, so that the cost of viewing or purchasing the same content on the Internet is only equivalent to 30% - 70% of the cost of purchasing the same paper books. Because the price is cheap, it is also conducive to combating piracy

5. Convenient retrieval

through the query of keyword words, you can quickly find the required content, and can carry out catalog and full-text retrieval, making reading more convenient and fast, which is one of the most significant advantages of books on the market compared with paper books

6. reading more freely

readers do not have to be limited to time and space. No matter where in the world, they can download e-books through the Internet. Moreover, two years ago, e-books can be read by hand-held readers wherever and whenever, even in an environment without light or very dark light. Moreover, a reader can store hundreds or even more online publications, reducing the physical space for readers to store books, so it is more convenient to carry. (to be continued)

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