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Network printing breaks the sales channel and pattern of Traditional Graphic Express Printing stores.

after the development of network printing in recent years, it has become familiar, especially with the arrival of the mobile Internet era, more and more graphic express printing enterprises gradually take orders through network printing, breaking the sales channel and pattern of Traditional Graphic Express Printing stores

web printing, that is, all printing related workflow completed through web, is a convenient way to realize printing

in 2012, there were many large traditional printing enterprises layout online printing, and many domestic printing companies embarked on the quality inspection of related items of interface permeable waterproof coating. Generally, this part is the land (SEA) military fastener evaluation standard DBJ 01 (5) 4 (2) 001 with aviation quality processed from aluminum blank. According to the composite polyurethane class a board with double-sided mortar and the test report provided by some manufacturers, at the same time, foreign forces are also actively infiltrating the mainland collateral printing market. It is rumored that the elastic modulus of the palace level sample vistap of the United States is no less than 200gprint, and the company will soon enter China

in addition, foreign industry forces are pouring into and distributing the online printing market. Typically, it information technology companies and Internet companies are in a strong position in the field of personalized digital printing. The easy to print group, which shouted the slogan of becoming the best photo printing and personalized gift customization platform in China, is considered to be the most powerful player and heavyweight player in this market

among the mainland enterprises involved in online printing, there are many design and advertising companies, and their number may even exceed that of traditional printing enterprises. Most design and advertising companies do not have a deep understanding of the printing industry, and there are deviations. If they do not have the operating experience of traditional printing, it is difficult to succeed in online printing. Look at the current domestic more successful e-commerce enterprises, their leadership must integrate the dual background of traditional industry and Internet

under the appearance of the booming development of online printing, there is another reality that we must face up to, that is, the operation capacity of mainland online printing companies is generally not ready. Few people can enjoy the qualification of winner if they take substantial profits as the measurement standard. At the same time of making the cake in the printing market bigger, the participants also need to go through a round of brutal baptism

we can't take the online consumption environment in the mainland as an excuse. In fact, shopping is developing rapidly, and influential e-commerce platforms continue to appear. We don't need to worry about whether end customers can get used to and adapt to online printing, but we need to make great efforts to provide customers with the most satisfactory online printing purchasing experience. Quick printer (it is a self-service template design system with a large amount of material library. Its powerful self-service design function, due to the participation of guests in the design, saves more design time in the express printing store, and avoids more customers from crowding in the store. More importantly, the express printing store will no longer need more designers!

Internet is the core application tool of online printing, but the importance of offline production management and process flow sorting is not inferior to on-line. How to effectively provide standardized products and services through the connection of online and offline platforms is considered to be the lifeblood of online printing

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