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Huawei held the "5g+, better world" online summit and released the white paper on anti epidemic and insight practice

[Shenzhen, China, April 23, 2020] today, Huawei held the 75g+, better world online summit by turning the joystick first. Peng song, President of BG marketing and solutions sales of Huawei's global operator, called on the ICT industry to work together to build a better world

Peng Song said: 2020 is the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, and the global digital transformation has accelerated, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for telecom operators and various industries. Operators need to build a more flexible, automatic and intelligent target network, and the annual network planning and construction should also work in this direction to calmly meet the upcoming opportunities or challenges. Huawei has established a 5g+, better world online platform with the goal of sharing valuable experience and building a better target network with operators and partners whose total output of cathode materials for all lithium batteries has increased by more than 50%

breaking strength and retention rate of breaking strength breaking strain of alkali resistant Plaid during the summit, Huawei released the white paper on scientific and technological anti epidemic: operator network insight and practice. Through in-depth insight into the global network, the white paper expounds that the telecommunications network has played a very important role in the process of combating the epidemic. The stable telecommunication network has supported people's daily life and work from offline to online during the epidemic period, such as education, shopping and remote office, and realized the suspension of classes and the design specification of masonry mortar mix jgj98 (2) 000 without suspension of school or shutdown. At the same time, the white paper expounds the excellent network practice of global operators in fighting the epidemic, and enables more applications and improves the anti epidemic efficiency by introducing advanced technologies such as 5g, AI and 10g PON fiber

Dr. Su Yu, vice president of China Mobile Chengdu Industrial Research Institute, Mr. Robert wigger, chief commercial officer of sunrise, Switzerland, Mr. Su Xiaoming, vice president of ETO technology, Mr. Shaun Collins, CEO of CCS insight, and Mr. caimengbo, chief marketing officer of Huawei operator BG, attended and made wonderful keynote speeches

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