Routine safety inspection of the hottest bridge cr

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Safety routine inspection of bridge crane

safety routine inspection of bridge crane

in order to ensure the safe operation of the bridge crane, some safety routine inspections need to be carried out during the operation of the crane. The inspection items and key points are as follows:

(1) environmental protection bag made of non-woven fabric with lifting height limit of 0.8 ~ 1 yuan/container The travel limit switch and all interlocking mechanisms have normal performance, safety and reliability

(2) all main parts and components meet the safety requirements: No, they are not safe? 0%, the opening increase is less than 15% of the original size, and the torsional deformation is less than 10%; The wear of the plate hook bushing is less than 50% of the original size, and the wear of the plate hook mandrel is less than 5%. There is no peeling, burr or welding repair.? The hook hanger and pulley have no obvious defects.? The wear and corrosion of the steel wire on the surface of the steel wire rope is less than 40% of the diameter of the steel wire, and the broken wire is less than 10% of the total number of wires within a lay distance. There is no broken end, no obvious thinning, no core prolapse, dead corner twisting, extrusion deformation, annealing, burning loss.? The clips, pressing plates and wedge blocks connected and fixed at the end of the steel wire rope are well connected. Polyolefin has the characteristics of high toughness, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, humidity resistance, chemical resistance and so on, without looseness. There are no less than 2 pressing plates and no less than 3 clips The drum shall be free of cracks, and the connection and fixation shall be free of looseness; The wear of the cylinder wall is less than 20% of the original wall thickness; The safety coil shall not be less than 2 turns, and the diameter ratio of the drum to the steel wire rope (1) the increase of environmental tests (high and low temperature tests) meets the requirements.? The balance wheel is fixed well, and the steel wire rope should meet the requirements of? Requirements of.? The brake shall be free of cracks, looseness and serious wear. The two sides of the brake clearance shall be equal and the size shall be appropriate. There shall be sufficient braking force. The wear of the brake belt shall be less than 50% of the original thickness

through the routine safety inspection of the bridge crane, it has played a significant role in eliminating personal accidents, reducing equipment accidents, improving equipment operation rate and reducing maintenance costs

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