Routine maintenance of the hottest combine harvest

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Routine maintenance of combine

end of autumn harvest 4 After the optical film, do the following maintenance work and take good care of the idle combine

1. Open the cover of the combine, thoroughly clean the appearance and interior of the combine, remove the attached grease, soil, weeds and other sundries, overhaul and sort out all parts of the whole machine one by one, and repair or replace the deformed, worn or damaged body in time. Wash the bearings and grease fittings that can still be used with diesel oil, add enough butter or other lubricating oil, and then operate for a short time to evenly distribute the lubricating oil. Drive into the garage, discharge oil and cooling water. And dehydrate the newly added lubricating oil. Rotate the crankshaft for several revolutions to fill the entire lubrication system. Then wrap the air filter, exhaust pipe orifice, water tank cover and fuel tank cover with plastic cloth

2. When the combine harvester is parked, open all valves, remove the screen and shield, remove the chain, wash it with diesel oil, dip it in hot engine oil for minutes, and remove all belts (V-belts). After technical evaluation, those that can still be used should be wiped clean, coated with talcum powder, tied with labels, and stored in a dry place in the shade. If it is hung on the wall, try not to roll the belt. Take down the wooden bearing bush on the transmission chain and pick by pick, wash the oil sludge, remove the adhered oil, soak it in the oil for a day and night, remove the oil adhered to it, drip it, wrap it with kraft paper or plastic cloth respectively, and store it in a dry room in the wind

if the large and medium discs are still out of tolerance, 3. According to the lubrication chart, use an injection gun to add butter to each lubrication point to lubricate all parts of the combine. Dry the working surfaces of several commonly used testing machines and grain dividers, such as the clean moving blade, fixed blade and blade protector, and apply butter or gear oil; Spring elements and other tension parts should be relaxed. The whole machine must be placed in a clean, safe and reliable place that is generally difficult to design, and the header must be placed flat on the ground to prevent the cutter board from being deformed and damaged due to uneven stress

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