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Royal carton pasting machine suitable for processing medium-sized cartons

in early 2003, WSI company (western slope industries, Inc.) acquired the assets of ipbm and multifold International's general folding carton department. Therefore, WSI can now provide more kinds of box pasting machines. Royal kj-1100 is a newly improved model, which is especially suitable for processing medium-sized 5, experimental process cartons. Like early models, Royal kj-1100 is also a multi-function box pasting machine, which is suitable for processing various types of live parts, including short version and long version. Linear boxes with a folding width of 90mm to an unfolding width of 1100mm can be transported at a speed of 1200 feet/minute (365 meters/minute) on this machine. If equipped with corresponding parts, Royal kj-1100 can also process self-locking bottom cartons and four or six corner cartons

kj-1100 continues the overall design and strong and durable structural characteristics of the royal box pasting machine production line. Some key functional parts, such as anti-corrosion parts, precision machined steel parts and a speed adjustable AC drive device, make kj-1100 a durable and low maintenance box pasting machine. The standard functional components of the machine include:

● electric non timed feeding device, which is equipped with an independent pneumatic tensioning conveyor assembly. Coated paperboard with smooth surface can be equipped with some vacuum components

● side gauge, also known as carton positioner, is installed behind the feeder. The carton blank is accelerated to a high speed after being sent out of the feeder, which may cause distortion or congestion, which will produce waste products and cause unnecessary downtime. The side gauge can eliminate the skew of the paper and straighten the skewed carton blank before the blank enters the pre folding part. The side gauge can be installed on either the left side or the right side of the machine

● three bottom brackets, one middle upper bracket and one right upper bracket are installed in the pre folding part, and the width of all pre folding/folding belts is optional. When positioning the bracket, a torsion bar is used instead of the previous method of adjusting the chain and sprocket. The glue pot at the lower left is dedicated to the straight box

● the folding part is equipped with wide left and right bottom brackets and narrow center brackets. While carrying out extensive technical cooperation with domestic colleges and universities, the independently adjustable double adjustable coaxial line receiving module (including automatic tensioning conveyor belt) 8 has coaxiality error of the center line of the upper and lower collets ≤ Φ 1mm is reserved for the optional discharging device. The full width belt driven ironing roll replaces the gear driven pair roll used in the previous models. The standard equipment package also includes an electronic counter and a pneumatic impact head

● the components of kj-1100 - us-d pressure parts can generate about 127 inches (3220 mm) of top pressure using a conveyor belt with a top/bottom width of 28 inches (711 mm). The component is driven by its own adjustable speed AC driver, which is controlled by the carton flow stacking control system. Different pneumatic conveyor belts can be selected to determine their tension

● a 50 HP main drive motor can make the production speed reach 1200 feet/minute (365 meters/minute), and can also provide higher running speed under special circumstances. A complete set of operation console is installed on the periphery of the machine. In addition, the wireless remote console can be selected during the installation of the machine

in addition, the machine has many optional devices. Speed-o-matic includes a forward folding part for processing a self-locking tray. Parts for diagonal folding and forward folding are produced at special designated points. When processing other types of cartons, these accessories and folding parts do not work. The electronic reverse folding system can be selected when processing four corner and six corner boxes. The additional device is equipped with a sub bracket and a double servo drive horizontal shaft, which are necessary for the high-speed machining of the machine. The convex glue brushing device can be designated by the customer as a brand, and then provided by the box pasting machine manufacturer. Other options of kj-1100 include: digital mechanical positioning display in the main bracket, small box accessories (which can reduce the minimum width of the machine processable folding carton to 50mm), accessories for Z-folding, forward folding accessories for envelopes and pocket folding products, accessories for producing double wall corrugated cartons, and reverse folding accessories for French fries boxes. For some special applications, such as high-speed labeling and peaceful development, windowing, surface grinding and crimping, and flame sealing, the machine can be continuously updated and improved and various types of accessories can be installed to meet the needs of customers

in addition to the general folding carton business of American International carton machinery company, WSI company also acquired multifold international, a famous carton handling machinery manufacturer. This expands the types of paper box blanks that WSI can process; In addition, the addition of kj-1100 box pasting machine has also expanded the company's packaging equipment and improved the company's plan to provide a complete set of automatic box pasting production lines

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